www.ctvvancouverisland.ca http VICTORIA — The Victoria Chamber of Commerce is once again happy to report a large professional development firm has ranked Victoria among one of the best cities to do business in. KPMG places only Vancouver higher when it comes to its 2012 Competitive Alternatives Report. The information compiled makes it easier for businesses to make informed decisions on where their operation will have the best opportunity for success; by comparing business costs and other competitiveness factors in more than 110 cities in 14 countries. The study measures the combined impact of 24 cost components such as labour, utilities, land value, transportation and income taxes. However Victoria did rank number one in the category of knowledge based industry. The booming tech sector has attracted many of the top companies from around North America such as Microsoft and Zynga, as well as producing successful local businesses in www.kanoapps.com The City of Victoria hopes to continue its growth in this sector which has now surpassed tourism, and eventually capture the number one spot on the list. Follow Erin Glazier on Twitter www.twitter.com

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