Paying respect to the Legendary Bill Withers & Lenny Kravitz – two souls unique to themselves…each with an exclusive and incontrovertible signature on their musical output. These two icons have blazed trails and set the blueprint for creating a higher consciousness within the spirit of music and one respective craft. Their honest and unrelenting contributions are the bricks that built the framework to the door we now walk through. It is time to honor the tradition of spirited music and pay tribute to the legacy of real singer/songwriter/musicians of the past that are an undeniable influence of present music culture and certainly for future generations to follow. The “2” have traversed the treacherous landscape of an industry ‘stuck in reverse’ and endured the harsh climate of an ailing business that continues to move further away from the core purpose of its’ existence – music creates the business, business doe not create music. Eternally grateful to you Bill Withers & Lenny Kravitz. **NOT FOR SALE** This video is for educational purposes only. Lenny Kravitz Lenny Fly Away Broke & Gifted Broke Bill Withers Use Me Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Memorial Temptations Ain’t No Sunshine Hunger Games MJ Rock 2012 Black or White Black & White Live Ownage Virgin UK Cinna Lionsgate Funny Comedy Funniest Videos Humor Hilarious Report Reporter News Blooper Epic Local Owned Noob Movie Film Trailer Teaser Official Popular Singer Tribute Exclusive Tour Female Girl Eye Every Day Everyday

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