Khanna spoke at the Oct. 3 Life in the Valley Economy 2012 Summit (slideshow here), which marked the release of Working Partnerships USA’s Life in the Valley Economy (LIVE) report, the unique view of Silicon Valley’s economy from the perspective of working people. This year’s LIVE report subtitled “Saving the Middle Class: Lessons from Silicon Valley-2012,” documents an ominous decline in Silicon Valley living standards, where median household income (adjusted for inflation) has fallen 19.5 percent in 11 years during what is supposed to be an economic recovery. One in four local families fell below the self-sufficiency level in 2000, according to the LIVE report; last year one in three families fell below self-sufficiency. “To stabilize the economy and rebuild a secure middle class, the public sector must play a key role,” the report says. “This is not a question of ‘more government’ or ‘less government:’ every government action or inaction affects the economy in some way.” Khanna said “Figuring out the challenge of the middle class is really the challenge of the country,” citing San Jose’s Measure D — which would raise the city’s minimum wage to an hour if approved in the Nov. 6 election — as an immediate step toward improving economic conditions for ordinary people as yet untouched by recovery. “We have grown a culture of lack of respect for workers.” The report includes a list of solutions for the problems it identifies in Silicon Valley. Khanna, who was a deputy

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