A gaze into the future of what travellers’ hotel experience will be like in 2020 A major new report, Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation, reveals the emerging behaviours and demands of the future hotel guest and what this means for the types of hotels we will see in the future. The study commissioned by the chosen technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, Amadeus and carried out by Fast Future Research reveals that the industry faces three major impacts in the next decade which it has to respond to: • The long-term impact of the recession on travellers’ budgets • The changing demands of an ageing Western population • The shift of demand from Europe to emerging markets of Asia and beyond The report also recognises the industry’s need to innovate and paints a picture of a future hotel featuring such innovations as intelligent furniture, personalized nutrition plans and responsive technologies that cater to individual guests needs. It highlights the new hotel models that may emerge such as invitation-only hotels, hotels co-branded with luxury brands, white-label hotels and catch-all hotel chains that will deliver one-star budget to six-star luxury hotel properties. As well as looking to a future where increased choice, control and comfort are commonplace, the report acknowledges that the industry must respond to the demographic and economic changes in their guests circumstances. With an ever aging population globally, hotel groups

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