FaceBook!: on.fb.me TWEET! clicktotweet.com FREE MP3! (Right-CLICK to SAVE-AS on PC, CTRL+CLICK on MAC): www.tayzonday.net Some people want the Mama Economy logo! Here it is: www.tayzonday.net THE GIRL ON THE VIOLIN: www.youtube.com VST PLUGINs Used To Make The Song / Visual Outputs: FXpansion Geist: bit.ly Voxengo Soniformer: bit.ly Voxengo Polysquasher: bit.ly —– MAMA ECONOMY SONG LYRICS —– Are you confused about the economy? Well have no fear — I’m going to explain the American economy right now +The dollar just think of it like a promise from the government But the value of the dollar has to be there to be relevant The value of the dollar comes from China and Iran When they put their cash reserves in a US dollar plan – +They buy treasury bonds from The Federal Reserve We say “we owe you extra money cause you gave us some of yours” That’s a big part of the National Debt All the interest that we haven’t paid to China quite yet – +And a hundred other countries Cause we’re such a good investment The whole world gives us money We say “Hey we’ll pay you interest!” This is how money is created from air Bank bailouts, federal budgets Money isn’t really there – +It’s an IOU, remember dollars are a promise When you borrow from a bank It’s not from other depositors The money for your loan Gets created on the spot Then they put it in your name Gamble on your life and body – +But if you lose your job Then you were a bad bet If a million lose their jobs Then we have a

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