www.bungetv.com – BungeTV is a monthly newscast provided by Bunge Oils to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events and information that impact the food processing and foodservice industries. This month’s topics include Foodservice growth, Chain restaurant success, Chef’s Warehouse, Commodity Report, MOE II update from NRA and more. Welcome to Bunge TV?News, trends and information important to your food business, I’m Stacey Wagers. News from the National Restaurant Association’s Industry Update from Technomic shows the foodservice industry has experienced the first real growth since 2007. Consumer confidence appears to be rebounding, although the uncertainly of how high gas prices will go is still a concern for many. The report shows that chain restaurants that remained consistent with food quality, convenience and deals are having the greatest success. Five Guys and Chipotle dominant the fastest growing chains…other chains to watch in Full Service: Yard House and BJ’s Brewhouse. Another company to watch in the industry is the new niche “club” store The Chef’s Warehouse. The Chefs’ Warehouse, is a premier distributor of specialty food focused on serving the specific needs of owner/operators of leading menu-driven independent restaurants, fine dining establishments, non-commercial outlets, culinary schools and specialty food stores. The Chefs’ Warehouse carries and distributes nearly 17-thousand products including more than 125 different olive oils. Commodities

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