I doubt you’ve seen anything like this…

“Discover A Fun And Effective Way To “Force” People To Like You On Facebook!”

…People will literally FALL OVER THEMSELVES to “like” you!

“…what a GREAT traffic generation tool!”

Dear Friend:

I’ve gotta say… I LOVE using Facebook as a way to make money from your sites.

I mean, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you like traffic WITHOUT having to pay for it?
  • Would you like hyper-targeted visitors coming to your site? (Obviously the more targeted, the more likely they are to buy)
  • Would you like this to be HANDS OFF, so you can have an “army” of people doing it all for you?
If you answered “yes” to any of this, then you’ve got to agree with me — at least on some level — that Facebook ROCKS.

And up until recently, I just had one problem with it:

Like You, I Don’t Want To Spend Hours On Facebook.

(I Just Want The Traffic.)

But for a while I knew of no better way. If you do Facebook the “normal” way…
  • It can be hard to build up an audience of responsive people…
  • It’s difficult to tell how much Facebook is adding to your bottom line…
  • …and it can be VERY easy to get sucked in and get nothing else done!

But Facebook is HUGE… and completely ignoring it is a marketing TRAVESTY.

Now There’s A Way To Benefit From Facebook On Autopilot… So You Don’t Have To Work Extra. 🙂

A few weeks ago I came across some WordPress plugins that literally had me beside myself with excitement.

I had an idea to create something like them, but these were supercharged and WAY better than what I initially thought of.

So I contacted the plugin owner and made a no-brainer offer to buy the rights to them. I’ve changed them up a bit and think you’re going to LOVE them.

These WordPress plugins are an excellent way to:

  • “Force” people to like your pages… (Their “like” goes to their public Facebook page, so all their friends see it. Talk about a targeted audience!)

  • Leverage all your existing content and make it VIRAL…

  • Get people EXCITED to share what you have (you don’t even need to pay them affiliate commission!)

  • Condition people to be “like happy” with your content…

  • Offer a VERY cool service to your offline clients…

  • …and a lot of other REALLY COOL side benefits.
And most importantly, it’s ETHICAL.

No Facebook Presence? No Problem!

You don’t need a Facebook presence to get started with this.
Sure, if you DO have one… it’ll help you nurture the relationship you have with your customers.

And if you DON’T have one, it’ll get you started on the right foot. This is one of the coolest things you could do to communicate with people!

There are TWO parts to this excellent bundle:

I’ve Got 2 Plugins For You
So You Can Keep Your
Audience On Their Toes!

Plugin #1: WP Like Rewarder

This is a VERY cool plugin.

With WP Like Rewarder, someone will see PART of your post.

To see the rest, they have to click on “Unlock content”.

As soon as they do that, they’re shown this:

…and until they “like” or tweet it, they can’t see anything else.

This is a GREAT way to build up backlinks as people are going to be like and tweet happy.

And as you know, both of those activities go right to their public profiles. Depending on your audience size, you can literally have thousands of salespeople promoting you… for FREE.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

And while that’s cool, I’ve got to say… the next one is my favorite.

Plugin #2: WP Like Or Lose:
(My Favorite)

With this plugin, your reader has to “like” your post or page before the timer runs out.

If they miss out on “liking” before the timer runs out, they lose the offer.


But if they “like” in time… let’s just say both of you will be very happy.

Here are just SOME ways to use this:

  • Have people “like” your page in order to get a special discount… (and then think about how likely they will be to buy!)

  • Make someone “like” your page before they find out about some really cool trick in your niche…

  • Create half a post and then make them “like” it to see the rest

  • …and that’s just scratching the surface. I beg you to tell me the cool things YOU think up!!! 🙂

This is a super innovative way to use the law of scarcity in a FUN way! Both you and your readers will love it. 🙂

This plugin is also modifiable… you can change up the color of the countdown timer, the length of time the timer displays, and then the pages that your users see before and after the post.

And to use it, you just have to type in this tag: [wp_like_or_lose] anywhere you want it – on posts, pages, templates, or even sidebar widgets.

Here’s a video of how it works:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpp_tOqK1JE" title="<font…

As you can see, this is a REALLY cool way to increase your likes and audience activity.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons These Plugins Rock:

5. You’re going to increase visitors to your site with Facebook and Twitter traffic.

4. You’ll increase visitor involvement, making people actively click the links on your site…

3. Since people had to “work” to read your posts they will read them THOROUGHLY…

2. Your social proof will be increased BIGTIME…

1. You’ll get more SEO love as your blog readers build up tons and tons of backlinks for you.

Here’s What YOU Get:

Bottom line: You’re getting a deal…

Here’s why:

– You get both plugins, part of which I had to pay a handsome 4-figure fee for

– It’ll end up making you WAY more profits if you use it consistenty…

– …and since you’re a Warrior, you can use it on unlimited sites!

And I imagine you’ll be pleasantly shocked when you see the price.
Why Are You Pricing This So Low?

The fact is…this is a Warrior Special Offer. You’re accustomed to seeing great deals here, and I’m competitive. I want to have one of the best offers you’ve ever come across!

Besides, I think this will really help your business. It makes great business sense for me to offer you GREAT deals that’ll help your business. You’ll stay in internet marketing longer and hopefully keep coming back and working with me.

I love creating win/win situations. 🙂

And that’s why I decided to create this at a can’t-say-no price because I want it to reach as many people as possible.

Plus, I will always treat you the way I want to be treated which is with love, trust, joy, and pure awesomeness.

I’ll make this even easier for you:

You Get A Full 30 Day “Love It Or Get Your Money Back” Guarantee

Remember how I said I want to be treated with awesomeness?

If you don’t love my products, I really don’t want your money…

Yep, you read that right…

I would rather you be happy than have your money…I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and exploring all sorts of random things so I’m not really concerned with keeping your small investment if you’re not happy with this product. I know you will be but if not, that’s cool you’ll get your money back ASAP!…That’s The Bottom Line!

So if you’re not happy, you’ve got 30 days to tell me and I’ll refund your tiny investment within 24 hours.

And here’s the best part:

Access To These Plugins
Is VERY Cheap…

Right now the price is EXTREMELY low.

We want to get in some beta testers from the Warrior Forum before we send this out as a higher priced plugin later on.

We could probably license this to big companies for a LOT of money… so now’s your chance to get in at a great deal.

A word of warning though:
But The Price
Is Rapidly Rising!

No matter what price you get in at, you’ll get a deal. But if you want the BEST possible deal, sign up now. This is set up as a “dimesale” so the price rises with every sale.

Can you imagine how much return on investment you’ll get if you get just ONE extra sale per day?

Or if you get 10? 20?

What’s your pricepoint? Even if you’re selling $10 products (and that’s low) if this helps you sell ONE extra copy a day, that’s an extra $3,650 a year.

If it helps you sell 10 extra copies a day, at a $10 product… that’s $36,500 extra a year. (I don’t want to disillusion you – this depends on your traffic, content quality, and pricepoint… but again, I am estimating on a $10 product. If you’re selling a $50 product and sell ONE copy extra a day… $18,250 extra per year.)

The math is fun to do! And the bottom line is, since you have nothing to lose (guarantee and all) I recommend that if you’re even slightly interested, you sign up right now.

Why pay a higher price by coming back later?

Alright… it’s now time to take action…

Here’s What You
Need To Do Now:

The next step is very simple…

You’re going to get everything within a minute or so after purchasing and can have the plugins up and working within 5 minutes, EASILY.

(It’s VERY easy to use. Trust me… if I could use it, you can too.)

You’ll get everything… no waiting!

And since this is set up as a dimesale, and we won’t keep it around forever… (we’re going to switch it to a regular product and set it up on our own shopping cart soon)…if you want this, it’s in your best interest to click on the “BUY NOW” button below now….

With love,

Rachel Rofe

P.S. I think you’re going to get a LOT out of this. And with the guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. So… order your copy right now!

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