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Organize Your PDF Ebooks

PDF Ebooks If you are like me, you have dozens of PDF ebooks hiding on your hard drive. Not only are they hiding simply because I not only don’t maintain a checklist of all their titles or file names but I don’t even know exactly where I’ve placed them. I have paid great deal of cash for the info locked in all these PDF files but now I can’t find the right PDF e-guide when I need it. What can I do?

I’ve recently discovered a great software tool known as PDF Bookshelf or PDF Document Management. With PDF Bookshelf I can now organize each and every one of the PDF ebooks I have ever purchased or downloaded. I can see them all in one location and with one click and organize them by title, published date, writer, file name or just do a quick search on any of these headings to find what I need. This software program is a life saver!

The first thing I did with PDF Bookshelf was to have it search my entire hard drive for all the PDF files and ebooks I have ever accumulated. To my amazement it returned a lot more than I expected with a checklist of  more than 300 PDF files I had downloaded over the years. No wonder I can’t keep track of every ebook, e-guide and PDF file I own! I quickly sorted the files and discovered I had purchased some more than once, darn it :-(. At least, I won’t be making that mistake again because I now can  effortlessly see what’s currently on my computer.

I found that just a quick click on on the “published date” column quickly provides all my latest purchases sorted right to the top of the list. These are the ebooks I’m most interested in reading right away. It’s also easy to find any new downloads in the organizer by individual PDF file or by showing a whole folder of them. And if you ever want to search your whole hard drive again it is just a mouse click on away.

Organize Your PDF Ebooks Today!

So, do what I did and get rid of the “exactly where did I put that PDF ebook” headache. Get your own copy of this software program and make your life a little easier. You will save your self some money simply because you’ll never buy the same ebook twice ever again. Download a Copy of PDF Bookshelf Today.

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