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Bill Clinton Says NObama
I can’t think YOU have permit John McCain’s 5 stage lead in the polls subsequent the conventions practically evaporate. We only have a couple of of weeks left till the election and Barack Obama Can’t be permitted to win the Presidency! The extremely existance of the United States of American is at stake!

No, I’m not so adamant merely because I’m a racist. I’m adamant merely because I’m frightened to death what a left wing Congress and a far left President will do to our nation!

Let’s preserve in ideas what Alexander Hamilton described as the perform of the federal government in 1788 at the Constitutional Ratifying Convention.

“The great top objects of the federal government, in which income is worried, are to preserve domestic peace, and offer for the common defense. In these are comprehended the regulation of commerce that is, the entire strategy of foreign intercourse the help of armies and navies, and of the civil administration.”

Our founding fathers by no indicates envisioned that the federal government would turn out to be this kind of a giant regulatory and burdensome government that it is these days. The Preamble to the Constitution says the government can:

1. Set up justice (offer federal laws and courts)
2. Insure domestic tranquility (preserve the peace)
three. Offer for the common defense (offer a diplomatic and military presence)
4. Marketplace the common welfare (establish a strategy of commerce)
5. Secure the blessings of liberty (safeguard individual liberty)

Now, I’m at odds with a quantity of of the domestic beliefs of most Democrats, this kind of as gay marriage, intense environmentalism, gun bans, liberal abortion rights, and so on., and so on. But, whilst I’m not pleased with liberal policies of this nature, that isn’t what scares me.

What scares me relates to products three and 4 much more than.

What scares me is the proposed lack of essential foreign policy and nationwide defense. Obama and the Democrats want to degrade our nationwide defense to the stage of ineffectiveness. Obama and Congress have ideas to cut military study and improvement leaving us a 2nd price globe power. Obama desires to be buddy-buddy with nations and leaders who detest us. He thinks he can communicate his way to peace with terrorists, Iran, Russia, North Korea and other much more and much more hostile nations with out obtaining a effective military behind him. He thinks we don’t require the most technologically superior military on the planet to safeguard us. He thinks he can communicate rogue nations out of attaining nuclear weapons and from attacking their neighbors. He thinks allies like Israel are secure with out our moral, if not military safety. He thinks rogue nations won’t, or can’t, use nukes on us. HE IS Incorrect.

Just give Iran or nicely funded terrorists a nuclear weapon and with a effortlessly obtainable scud missile and a small sub (Iran presently has these) or a medium sized ship we are a sitting target from international waters off our Atlantic coast. Just a single air-burst nuclear blast much more than our east coast would offer half of The united states back once more as soon as much more to the horse and buggy era. Each and every and each and every and each and each and every component from autos to phones to electrical power plants rely on micro-circuits that would all be FRIED. Completely totally absolutely nothing with an electrical component will perform and it will take numerous years (if we survive that lengthy with out meals or defense) to repair the hurt. Each and every and each and each and every and each and each and every yr it will get simpler for this scenario to play out.

We can’t count on our allies to come to our help in the occasion of conflict. Our allies are relying on us to safeguard them! Just seem at France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Kuwait, and the checklist goes on. Seem at the small contingents of troops these nations who could sent to Afghanistan or Iraq to help us fight for versatility. No 1 in the globe has a capable military that can resist an emboldened Russia or a much more potent China who is pouring house into a revitalized military. We just can’t permit our military technical benefit to disappear if we are to stay secure.

What scares me is that Obama and the Democrats will bankrupt The united states. The Democrat Congress has presently failed to safeguard our monetary institutions from collapse. (Certain, that is the job of Congress to enact protective legislation and regulation.) They want to preserve their totally free wheeling investing alive with earmarks (investing applications that are linked to a bill Subsequent the bill has presently been passed so there is no scrutiny) they Don’t want to repair Medicare and Social Safety expenses whilst they nonetheless can (it may presently be as well late to steer apparent of the monetary carnage coming in a ten years or so from these to monoliths) they want to burden the taxpayer and small company with a grandiose government well becoming-linked insurance protection technique (this will make the Medicare issue seem like child’s play) they want small company and the wealthy (who create all the function, by the way) to take much more than the entire revenue tax burden and then pay even a lot much more for center class tax rebates and handouts they have even a lot much more Big-Authorities ideas we can’t manage and they want to force us to pay a lot much more for power and unrealistic fuels (bio-fuel) in the perception that the subsequent transportation and power era technologies is obtainable but just hiding someplace. The actuality is, we can’t manage their ideas for us. We can’t manage their gambles. With regard to green power, the technologies isn’t obtainable nonetheless. We require a lot much more oil prior to we can get there. We require OUR Personal oil to decrease as a great deal as feasible our reliance on other nations. WE Require TO DRILL AND DRILL NOW!

What scares me, and this is a actual killer, is that Obama and the Democrats have purchased into Al Gore’s Guy-created International Warming alarm. They want to create a strategy of carbon rationing. As soon as you (or a nation or a company) use your carbon (power) allotment, you pay a hefty tax on lengthy term power use. And exactly where does this tax go? Mainly to other nations that use a lot a lot much less power. In effect, it is heading to make the U.S. (as the greatest power customer per capita) pay the relaxation of the globe for our continued use of power and to preserve our way of existence.

Heading down this route is not only dangerous for us but the extremely premise is flawed. First, there was some international warming late in the final century but it stopped in 1998. 2nd, there is ample proof that it wasn’t CO2 that triggered the warming but it was a alter in radiation from the Sun and cosmic rays. 3rd, the Sun is now supplying proof that we may now be entering into a new time time period of international cooling not observed because the Maunder Minimal (mini-ice-age) of the center ages. And, in contrast to international warming, a international cooling with devistate meals crops with dire planetary human consequences.

You are most most most likely pondering, how can I most most most likely be correct on these subjects and the Democrats and their advisers be so in? Nicely, for 1 component, I am extremely nicely study in the places I’ve talked about. I’ve study the literature and from each sides. I’ve looked at the interests and politics of the researches that may effect their actuality discovering and conclusions. I’ve attempted to extrapolate the feasible consequences from actions and in-actions. AND MY CONCLUSION IS THAT THESE Feasible MISSTEPS SCARE THE HECK OUT OF ME! Beneath Obama and the Democrats we are about to Zig when we really require to Zag for the sake of our nation and the planet.

We can’t elect Obama and permit the Democrats to take us down these paths!

For a lot much more information and links to some of the a lot much more persuasive study on these subjects, make certain you study my other content supplies articles in this weblog about Obama and the Democrats and some of their misguided policies.

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