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Attention Offline Marketing Consultants…

"Getting Local Businesses to Use Your Marketing
Services Can Be a HUGE Challenge"

"Use This Brand New Local SEO PLR Pack To
EASILY Gain Expert Status And BOOST Your
Credibility In Just A Few Minutes"

Whether You Sell SEO Services or Not…
This Package Can Work For Your Business!

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Hey Warriors,

You already know that there is a LOT of money to be made in Offline Marketing. Local business owners will pay you nicely to help them market their services online…

Especially Search Engine Optimization.

But landing new clients is not an easy task…

It’s actually one of the biggest challenges Offline Marketers face – I know it was mine.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. It’s HARD To Gain A Business Owner’s Trust

Before a business owner will close a deal with you, they have to:

  • Trust You
  • Like You
  • Respect You

There is no way around this – period.

A lot of business owners have been burned by some marketers, so they have to really see some kind of evidence that you know your stuff and are not out to rip them off.

2. It’s HARD To Get Businesses to Understand WHY They Need To Be Online

Just about EVERY BUSINESS out there could bring in a LOT more customers if they only had a stronger search engine presence…

But for some reason, a lot of them still just don’t get it.

Have you ever noticed how their eyes gloss over as soon as you start talking about "search engines" and "backlinks" and "meta tags" and "keywords" and "optimization"?

They’re LOST before you even begin to really explain…

But after reading this report, they will start to "get it"…

The Best Part About It Is…

In Addition To "Educating" And "Building Credibility,"
This Report Will "Soft-Sell" Your SEO Services

A few business owners may get your PLR report thinking, "yes, now I can figure out how to do this SEO stuff myself."


This report does not tell them HOW to do SEO

It talks a lot about WHY they need it, which is exactly what you want as a consultant.

Once they start reading, they will see that SEO is not EASY, it takes a lot of TIME, and they just don’t know enough about it to do it properly…

Even if you don’t sell SEO services, you can still use this report to generate leads for your business…

Just showing a business owner that you "know" a little about SEO is powerful.

There’s Just One Problem…

Creating A Report Yourself Can Be Very

But you have options.

Either you can write it yourself, outsource someone to write it for you, or leverage the power of high-quality PLR.

But Why Spend Valuable Time Trying To Write Your Own Report When You
Can Have The "Done-For-You" Solution Right At Your Fingertips

Just take a few minutes to add your
name and information to this brand new PLR report and simply let it do the selling for you!

WARNING: This is Not Your Typical PLR Content…

HIGH-QUALITY 5,500 Word Report With PLR

All you need to do is add your information and let it WORK FOR YOU

It Doesn’t Stop There…

You Will Also Receive A Squeeze Page And Banner Ads To Help
You Capture Leads And Drive Traffic To Your Report!

OK, let me slow down… Let’s recap this AMAZING OFFER…


You will receive an 18-page, 5,500 word, freshly-written report written in SIMPLE terms that explains how local businesses can benefit from SEO.

Some of the topics covered are:

What is SEO?
How Does SEO Work?
How Can SEO Work for Your Local Business?
SEO for Service Professionals
SEO for Product Sales Professionals
Creating an SEO-Friendly Website

You will receive the report in .doc and .txt formats for easy editing.

You will receive ecover image in .jpeg and .psd formats for easy editing.

Want to See a Sample of the Report?
A sample PDF is attached to the bottom of this thread.


You will also receive a
"Done-for-you," Eye-catching Squeeze Page to help you capture leads with this report.


Want to send traffic to your squeeze page?

You will also receive 3 Captivating Banner Ads to help you promote this report!

The banner ad sizes are: 160×600, 250×250 (shown above), and 460×60

Add these cool banner ads to your website or other websites to generate traffic back to your report on complete auto-pilot!

You also get the .psd files so you can edit them however you want…

It’s all done for you… Couldn’t get any easier than that!

What Can You Do With This PLR Package?

  • Add your name as the author of the report and edit it however you want
  • Give away the report to capture Offline Marketing leads
  • Break up the report to create blog posts, articles, or emails
  • Use the report to create an E-Course
  • Use the information to create even other unique pieces of marketing content

This PLR Package Will Help You:

  • Generate Offline Business Leads & Convert Them Into Clients
  • Build Trust and Credibility, and Expert Status
  • Educate Local Businesses on the Benefits of SEO in SIMPLE TERMS
  • Show them the REAL Value in Your Services
  • SOFT-SELL Your SEO Services
  • Use Proven Copywriting Psychological Triggers That Will Make Your Readers TAKE ACTION
  • SAVE TIME because You Didn’t Have to Write This Content Yourself!

Here’s What Warriors Had to Say About My Last PLR Package…
Reviews for This One Are COMING SOON

Originally Posted by Jay Rhome
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I have bought many of Kim’s PLR WSOs before, and as always, this one comes trough with top notch quality. It’s not only "good quality English" and "no typos" as many seem to set the bar for PLR, it’s much more: great educational material for your clients, attention grabbing titles, and subtle yet effective CLOSING sprinkled throughout. What’s the use if there’s no closing of some sort anyway?

I usually edit PLR to "make it my own", but there’s basically no need to do it with her material. I’ll just do that sometimes when putting articles on my sites, but have no need to for reports and autoresponders. It’s that good!

And BTW the OTO is an autoresponder series that’s simply awesome! Email opening titles, and good, to the point content, again with CLOSING elements in them. Complements the reports without being a mere copy. You can use both to the fullest.

I have bought many WSOs of hers, but did get this one free to review – much appreciated BTW! But seriously, if you deal with offline clients and want ready made top notch material to send them and/or put on your site, look no further!

And the way this WSO is set up, you can take away elements you don’t sell or don’t want to outsource super easily, change the order, etc. It’s quite evident Kim has hands on experience in the "offline" market. Most recommended!

Originally Posted by tripros
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I believe I’ve bought most every product Kim has released and like those, this report is superb. It’s very well written in a style that delivers great information and leads the reader to wanting to do business with you.

The topics covered in the report are spot on, exactly what I would want if I were writing it!

And I especially like that the full report is also broken down into single mini-reports so they can be used for specific topics.

The OTO is for a complementary autoresponder sequence. These are such a time saver, written with a call to action and great subject lines that get the email opened.

Having done business with offline clients for many years, I appreciate when I see high quality reports like this that will help me educate and convert more prospects – plus save me time. Thanks for putting this great package together Kim!


Originally Posted by premiumweb
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Kim, you have done it again! I just went through the review copy I won (thanks by the way!) and I have to say I’m impressed. I’m very critical, can’t even read for pleasure without seeing typos, so I really appreciate PLR that doesn’t require me spending my precious time fixing typos so that it will be more professional. I expected nothing less given I’m a member of your PLR club and all your products are high quality.

I really *LOVE* that you provide the all in one report but then go a step further and provide each report separately. Wow, you have saved me so much time!

I will be changing my optin on my homepage asap to see how this report pulls and I’ll let you know. If the review copy doesn’t include the rights to use it, let me know so I can purchase it right away!

This could be repurposed in so many ways. Blog posts, audio, video, expanded into a membership site …

Great job!

Glennette Goodbread, Owner
Premium Web Design and Hosting
Small Business Web Design and Hosting services – Albany Ga – Premium Web Design and Hosting
Marketing Help for Service Professionals

Originally Posted by keithavery
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Kim, Thanks. I finished going through the package. Just Perfect. EXACTLY what I wanted. You have saved me so much time. Extremely well written without the use of TECHNOBABBLE ( one of my favorite words). Written so the Business Owner can "GET IT!" It is like you read my mind and put on paper the way I speak to Small Business people. They are interested in results not technology, so when they read something and they see customers coming to them in their minds eye, they buy. Looking forward to more like this from you in the future. Excellent!

So… How Much is This Going to Cost?

Usually, a package of this value would cost you a VERY nice penny…

We’re talking at least $100+ for the Report, another $50+ for the Squeeze Page and another $100+ for the Banner Ad Copy and Design!

But you won’t pay anything near that today…

My goal with this WSO is to OVER-DELIVER

*Get it While the Price is Still LOW*

Thank you and good luck with your Offline business!


P.S. The price of this package won’t stay this low for long… In fact, it’s on a dimesale, so the price is going up as we speak. Grab yours now if you’re serious about growing your Offline business and taking it to the next level!


[NO] Can Resell or Transfer Private Label Rights to Other Marketers
[NO] Can Give Away for Free to Other Internet Marketers

[YES] Can Edit and Use the Content Any Other Way You Want

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