If you’re sick of being broke and too scared to contact business owners directly to “SELL” them something…

If the simple thought of picking up the phone makes you physically ill…

If You Want Steady Stream of Offline Clients Handing You Money As Soon As Today!

Then this is the WSO You Need!

Cold calling sucks! Emails, letters and postcards go straight to the trash. And knocking on doors to SELL is intimidating at best.

So if you have an offline consulting business, how do you get business owners to notice you and trust you enough to talk business with you?

How would you like to Uncover the Sneaky "SECRET LANGUAGE" the top performing direct marketers and offliners use to INFLUENCE decision makers to OPEN THEIR WALLETS on command.

Make Local Business Owners Call You With No Effort On Your Part

Once you discover the secret language and underground prospecting techniques shown in this method you’ll be able to control and ‘manipulate’ other people’s actions. How far?

More than you ever thought…

Imagine having forbidden, mind-bending power to make people do almost anything you want them to do!

Imagine Increasing Your Income By 200%, 300%, Or Even 500% Overnight!

I always Feared Selling and was Uncomfortable Cold Calling. I was never good at it.

But you see, after learning some underground attraction tactics AND what really MATTERS in creating a steady source of income… something clicked…

My monthly income was always under $2000 a month.

$300, $800, or my best month was just under $2000….

It was NOT because I lacked technical skills.

I just sucked at getting new clients, I just didn’t GET IT! I was always asking myself which client to go after and how to make first contact so I can show my skills and get the business. I was paralyzed by fear and also by information overload and got no results.

Now, none of that matters anymore!

One day it all fell into place. I modified one simple daily routine that was imposed to me by my doctor and transformed it from a boring, time sucking pain in the ass into a fun and energizing, client getting money machine.

Once I discovered these easy to grasp, but hard to find techniques about influence, statistics and how people “jump on bandwagons”, sales started to happen in just a few hours…

My 1st hour generated 2 clients and $897 in revenues.

My first full day (4 hours) generated 3 clients and $3347 in revenues.

Within 1 week I landed my first client who CONTACTED ME and I made the sale for $297 up front and $47 in monthly recurring income.

And I’m NOT a sales person.

I’m NOT even comfortable making new contacts.

That’s Ok, because it’s NOT about us. There is something deeper at work here that does not care how we talk, how we look or even if we can get results for our clients.

And it’s not how well you can pitch your offline services either…

• Why people don’t know they want something until they see someone else having it. And once they know they want it…It has to be NOW!

• Why business owners dislike and are repulsed by pushy, needy and overbearing sales people…But are irresistibly ATTRACTED to confident, self aware individuals who don’t seem to care if they make a sale or not.

• Shocking… #1 Word Trick That Unlocks the Secret of the Human Nature and why “The Curious Nature" of people makes you MISTERIOUS and has people asking you for more.

• Sneaky Word Trick # 2 – How to naturally and quickly eliminate ANY resistance using this 1 simple secret… No one tells themselves to shut up!

• How to Have a Professional Offline Marketer Image in a Matter of Minutes…Don’t Be the “Cobbler With Holes In Their Shoes”.

• How One Tiny Piece of Cardboard Opens the Door to Conversation…That’s When They Beg You to Tell Your Story.

• How Once You Have the Client, What Service to Perform and How Much to Charge. And How to Create Recurring Monthly Income That Requires No Work on Your Part.

• How to leverage the biggest social phenomenon in the world by having local business owners promote your business even if they’re not one of your clients.

• How to Use the Same Process of Attraction to Upsell Your New Clients to Your Other Services…Today, Tomorrow and for Years to Come.

• How to offer a FREE custom product that has a HIGH dollar value in the eyes of business owners but takes you less than 2 minutes to create.

• Why building a list offline is just as important as online…and it’s a lot easier to do than you might think.

And a Whole Lot More!

Every single offline “wannabe” is frozen in their steps trying to figure out how to find clients. What’s The Answer? Become ATTRACTIVE!

Best of All! This Method Can Be Done With No Money Down!

That’s Right! Lack of Money is Not a Reason Not to Start!

Once Inside, I Take You Step by Step From 0 to a Fully Functioning System in Just a Few Days Without Spending Another Dime!

Can This Be My First Offline Business?

You Bet! (Pun Intended)

Not only are your learing how to create a HUGE list of clients and contacts. But, you’ll also learn to provide a High Value service that is easy to provide yourself or if you need to, can be outsourced for just a few $$ which means you keep the lion share of the profits.

You’ll be provided with all the tools, templates and graphics as well as a complete series of scripts and swipe files.

It’s the perfect beginners’ offline business starter kit.


I like the fact that the Author lays out the client-getting approach in a clear Step-By-Step Fashion. It’s Psychologically-framed in a way that is non-threatening to the prospect.

It’s hard to get rejected when you are simply dropping something off. It indirectly entices the prospect to initiate the sales questions (implied permission).

It’s Newbie-Friendly (granting that you have created or outsourced your fan page). The author teaches you how to build an offline list and don’t have to chase clients with this relationship-building done right.



I’m extremely biased in this review because I’ve been friends with Dan for many years, but before two weeks ago I never did this stuff ever. Now I have 6 business who want me to do their marketing for Facebook



Facebook Attraction Is an excellent guide not just for selling Facebook services, but for anyone selling any services offline. It was actually very timely for me because I have been struggling with doing cold selling and it reminded me of the relationships that are usually necessary for a successful business.

Daniel has excellent ideas and strategies for establishing a relationship in order to make a sale. For anyone who is struggling with sales, I highly recommend this. It will help get past the closed doors and the rejection that is so common in sales. The thrust of this, obviously, is Facebook, and it is full of best practices and ways to use Facebook to establish authority and relationships with fans in order to build trust. Once trust and like has been established, the sales process happens naturally.


But that’s Not All, Let’s Talk Bonuses!

In addition to all this, the course comes along with these two awesome, FREE bonuses

Bonus #1 – Free SSL (Secured) facebook Fanpage Tab Hosting

This FREE Bonus alone makes this WSO a “No Brainer”

That’s Right! You get to host an Unlimited number facebook Fanpage tabs on our Secured Servers at no costs for as long as you wish.

As you may know, facebook now requires ALL outside content to be provided via Secured servers. Save yourself the hassle of buying and installing SSL certificates on your hosting accounts and use our free service.

Create tabs for your own business page, or for your clients. Charge what you want to them for hosting and keep 100% of the hosting fees. I charge clients $27.00/mo to host those tabs on my servers.

That’s a $324.00 Per Year Value!

For Only One Payment of…

Bonus #2 – Free facebook Fangate Engine

The Fangate is the “Secret Sauce”! Getting traffic to a facebook Fanpage without a Fangate is like bringing traffic to a webpage that does not collect visitor information.


Why get a Fangate? Getting people to your Fanpage will not build a fan base. They must “like” your page, and the Fangate is the way to do this. In some cases, it increased the like-ratio up to 1000%, which means 10 times as much facebook fans with the same amount of visitors.

You’ll be able to activate compelling Fangates in matter of minutes with our “Easy as 1, 2, 3” Fangate generation system. The same goes for Fangates; you can create an Unlimited number of facebook Fangates.

This Offer is Backed by a 1 year, “No Worries” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

By the time you’ve gone through this WSO

“You’ll Be Able to Grow Your Business to ANY Size YOU Want, By Having Local Business Owners Hunt YOU Down Begging You to Sell Them Every Service You Offer!!! ”

So Now you have a simple choice to make…

• You can keep calling, selling, pitching or annoying people who don’t know or trust you…Stay Like the Other 99% Who Are Broke!

• You can work for free creating websites, videos or other time sucking stuff first and then hope someone buys it…Have they bought it yet?

• You can go back to browsing some other WSO’s…

Or Grab This Proven Method, Take Simple Action, and Watch Your Monthly Income Go Through The Roof!!!
Offline Marketing Secret Tactics That Convert - Plus FREE Facebook Fanpage Tab Hosting

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