Do companies still need on-site computer services? This article explains how there is still some demand for these services. If your company has even a rudimentary corporate network, you will sometimes need to bring in third-party specialists for computer network support. On-Site Computer Services A Dying Industry? Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog which can be found at Is there still a major need for on-site computer services? The continuing popularity of cloud services and remote support products could cause IT professionals to pose this question, but there is no need for despair. This article presents three reasons why, for the time being at least, on-site computer services will remain in demand 1. Not everyone is technical Things that seem incredibly basic to IT professionals, such as connecting keyboards, monitors, and system units, still baffle many members of the population. There will always be a market for on-site support from the many people who are terrified of messing around with plugs and cables. 2. Computers are used to access cloud services Even with things like office automation applications and games moving increasingly to the cloud rather than being locally installed, computers are still used to access cloud services online. These are the same computers that are still prone to failed hard drives, fried motherboards, and faulty RAM and therefore still need on-site computer services. 3

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