OPEC CartelIn accordance to an produce-up at FT.com Abdalla El-Badri, the secretary-typical of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Nations says that the OPEC cartel is pondering about cutting investment in oil production as a outcome of attempts to bring bio-fuels on-line in the U.S. and other oil consuming nations.

How ironic that center eastern nations who have currently transferred a fantastic quantity of wealth from the United States to on their individual by way of oil really feel they can threaten oil consuming nations. They have us in a strangle preserve and they’re not frightened to squeeze us harder.

President Bush has stated that he needs to see choices substitute about 20% of present oil use by 2017. Meanwhile, business specialists anticipate bio-fuel use will enhance from the 1% of power use these days to only seven% in the subsequent ten years. Hardly adequate to begin threatening the globe with feasible self created oil shortages in the close to lengthy term.

Abdalla El-Badri additional suggests that if bio-fuels fail to attain anticipated ranges and oil production is not elevated, oil expenses could soar. But, haven’t oil expenses currently started to soar? A barrel of oil has risen in present several years from about $35 a barrel to $70, a doubling in price. And, wouldn’t even higher oil expenses just give us a lot a a lot much more incentive to discover oil choices even as financial chaos ensues as a outcome of even higher expenses.

I think the western globe has just about had adequate of the oil cartel and other oil monsters like Venezuela and Russia. We’ve been attacked on 9/eleven with the assist of money we’ve supplied to oil exporters. We see our soldiers and citizens turning into murdered with weapons paid for with oil revenues. We are viewing these revenues utilized in an try to produce nuclear weapons by nations that contact us the “Fantastic Satan” and require our destruction. It’s prior time to take actions to Get rid of our dependence on oil. We require to produce choice energies NOW and quit the murderers from turning into in a location to acquire the weapons and other indicates to harm us!

There is a lot of coal in the U.S. that can be utilized to power electrical utilities in an environmentally pleasant way by way of new technologies. It will price us a lot a a lot much more for our power but our choice is going to be to invest ourselves or invest the oil making nations. Battery technologies ought to be discovered that will permit our vehicles to operate a quantity of hundred miles on a single electrical charge. Picture voltaic technologies ought to be created that will contribute to the power grid and person houses. Technologies ought to be created to extract oil from the enormous reserves of oil shale in the western U.S.

All it will take to make these power choices occur in a large way is for authorities and business to make investments in making these technologies NOW, not later when oil skyrockets to $150 or $200 a barrel and our enemies have even a lot a a lot much more weapons and technologies to use in opposition to us. We require power dependence NOW not later. Wouldn’t we rather invest $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline than continuing to see our wealth be transferred to the center east and be utilized in opposition to us?

The new technologies are only going to occur if we inform our Congressmen and Senators that we want action. We require to make particular corporate America will get the message that we require choice fuels and power and we are will to invest for American power. Create YOUR Authorities Reps, make businesses comprehend you are ready to invest a lot a a lot much more for American power and technologies.

WE Can’t Afford TO Wait ANY Lengthier! WE Ought to ACT NOW!

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