The Global Economy

The Global Economy

VERSION 2.1 This book evolved from a set of notes developed for the Global Economy course at New York University's Stern School of Business. The idea behind the course is to use the tools of macroeconomics to assess the economic performance of countries and the challenges facing businesses operating in them. We emphasize data; virtually every chapter includes links to useful data sources. These "notes," as we call them, are designed as background reading for our course. They focus on tools, lea

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The Global Economy

Profitable Coin Collecting

Profitable Coin Collecting

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There's no mistaking the purpose of this book, or the opportunities it may provide. This reference contains deep market analysis of popular rare U.S. coins minted in the last century, with advice and alternative collecting and investing options for readers, plus answers to common collecting questions and concerns including: How do I start investing in coins? Which type of coins are the easiest to buy and sell? And what coins have become top performers in collecting over the last 50 years?

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Profitable Coin Collecting

Investment Property Mortgage and Private Money

Investment home describes any property asset, that is Non-Owner Occupied. The important thing intent of these a good investment may be the rental income that’s accrued from this, combined with the appreciation in the value during a period of time. People who hold the necessary funds often search for profitable investment properties. To be able to reduce the first expense, by decreasing the deposit, people usually acquire a good investment home mortgage for financing their purchase.

A good investment home mortgage describes financing or lien on a good investment home that has got to be paid on the specified time period. Essentially, it is a individual guarantee that you’d repay the cash you’ve borrowed to buy your investment home. There are many kinds of investment home mortgages, each using its distinctive features, benefits and pitfalls. There is really a better method to financing a genuine estate deal, it’s by attracting private money lenders for your business for deals.

The Fixed-rate mortgage may be the most common mortgage type since the monthly obligations are stable. The interest rate through the lifetime of the mortgage may be the just like that first. The main advantages of the fixed-rate mortgage are inflation protection along with a relatively safe. Appears like a set rate investment propery mortgage is really a wise decision as the last case scenario. You need to sometimes be discovering private money lenders for the rehab loan and income properties

An Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is really a kind of investment home mortgage that has variable interest rates and monthly payments through the lifetime of the mortgage. This scheme is popular because it often begins with lower monthly obligations along with a lower interest rate. The interest rate, however, can alter throughout the lifetime of the mortgage, which means your monthly payment would change subsequently. It’s imperative that you’re conscious of the nuances of an adjustable-rate mortgage just before trying to get one.

Investment property mortgage can be availed on several property types, such as an apartment, a condo, any commercial property, or a plot. It can be acquired from leading banks and financial institutions, which typically verify your credentials (income source, savings and credit score) prior to offering mortgage. Selecting an investment property mortgage is as crucial as selecting a property. However, all successful real estate investors will tell you that you must attract private money lenders to your business if you want to be really successful in the real estate investment business.

There is a way to attract money to your real estate business for a investment property mortgage . Learn the methods we use to attract private money investment property mortgages in order to fund our deals.
Investment Property Mortgage and Private Money

Lessons From Ups: Beating A Bad Economy!

The economy is declining but companies like the United Parcel Service are making ends meet and exceeding expectations. They have utilized the growth in the global economy, better supply chain management techniques and customers attempting to reduce costs by sending low priced packages. UPS has become a victor in an arena of losers precisely because it has implemented a winning strategy.

UPS has experienced two major upswings in the past few years. In the third quarter of 2007 they had an increase of net income of $ 1.08 billion dollars and over a year ago they had a $ 1.04 billion dollar upswing. This was after their 46 million dollar restructuring program in France to improve their supply chain. Other companies are not having nearly the same upswing or growth which makes UPS unique.

UPS Chief Executive Mike Eskew state with some happiness, “UPS turned in a solid performance in the face of a slower U.S. economy”. This proves that diligent American companies have an opportunity to increase profits and continue to grow despite many of the difficulties that American companies face.

UPS has a number of strategies that it is using to achieve success that many businesses would be wise to pay attention to. These strategies are in the field of global expansion, reduction of cost, flexible labor costs and efficient supply chain management. The concepts make sense and are grounded in very basic principles of understanding what their main objective is (increasing shareholder wealth).

Strategy Concepts:

Global Expansion: UPS has been tapping into world markers much more successfully then many other organizations. They have their own aircraft division that delivers packages; they are spreading out throughout Europe and beginning to move into Asia. They are growing and beating out small competitors. When the global economy is expanding it is important for American businesses to get out there and conquer the market before others.

Reduction of Costs: UPS continually is looking for methods of reducing costs. They track fuel efficiency, labor costs, and other overhead to ensure they are reducing these expenses as much as possible. Every organization should be focusing on both long-term and short-term costs.

Flexible Labor Costs: In the United States labor costs can be a huge factor in whether or not a company is profitable. The automotive industry has been hit hard by unreasonable labor and benefit costs. UPS is utilizing flexible or seasonal labor that is hired for peak periods. 60,000 employees will be added in the United States to help with holiday packages.

Supply Chain Management: In the transportation industry supply chain management is of crucial important. If packages are shipped via long routes, old machinery, inability to track, etc… there is a good chance that costs will raise and profits will decline. When companies investing in their supply chain as UPS did in France they often are able to save millions of dollars while increasing efficiency.

UPS should be set as a standard of how companies can beat the declining economy problems of the U.S. When other companies are laying off workers UPS is putting more people to work. While business is becoming more difficult to conduct in the U.S., companies like UPS are creating more efficiency and are reaping the rewards. Companies have the opportunity to learn from UPS and develop their own growth strategies.

Murad Ali is a three time published book author, a professor in business/human resource management, a labor relations professional at a Detroit area casino and the owner of Otherinteresting articles can be found at
Lessons From Ups: Beating A Bad Economy!

Investment Ideas For Online Trading

Are you looking for new investment opportunities or a way to make some extra cash on the side? As the market scenario is fast changing and positive trends are being observed, stock traders and other investors are becoming more interested in online investments and risk assessment. The stock market can certainly be an exciting place to trade stocks and make money, but learning the ins and outs of online trading is invaluable. Make sure to learn about risk assessment and other investment ideas before diving into the world of online trading.

The internet has provided easy access to all the latest market information, financial news and charts, and experts’ research reports. The availability of this information has allowed investors to analyze the market situation before adopting or changing their investment strategies. Investing becomes a successful experience as there are relatively tight regulations overseeing online trading activities. The fact that through online investments a trader can exercise full control over his funds and transactions makes it even more popular.

The wide range of investment options available to the investor is another factor that contributes to the increased demand for online trading. Share trading in various stock exchanges, derivatives trading, overseas trading, investing in commodity markets, foreign currencies, and life insurance becomes conveniently possible if you have Internet access in home. As more people are opting to invest online, the number of online brokers is also on the rise. There are literally hundreds of websites which offer online investing help, and each one can get you on your way to stock market investment.

The wide range of investment options available to the investor is another factor that contributes to the increased demand for online trading. Share trading in various stock exchanges, derivatives trading, overseas trading, and investing in commodity markets, foreign currencies, and life insurance becomes conveniently possible if you have Internet access in home. As more people are opting to invest online, the number of online brokers is also on the rise. There are literally hundreds of websites which offer online investing help, and each one can get you on your way to stock market investment.

According to market statistics, discount brokers may charge you anything from $ 5-$ 20 for each transaction, while full time brokers may charge as much as $ 150. Over the past few years stock trading has become increasingly cheaper due to the proliferation of the internet. You can even go online for checking popular investment advice just to ensure that you choose the most profitable investment options. Good investment advice is an essential requisite for earning high profits through wise investments! Check out a few of the investment advice websites and online stock brokers, and you will be on your way to investment success in no time!

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Investment Ideas For Online Trading

Spending money to buy properties like lands or buildings in order to get returns in terms of profit overtime is called property investment. Properties that are often invested include business or commercial property and residential condominiums. Risk taking investors are not fearful when it comes to selecting properties for investment, even if they do not reflect with the general market movement. Smart investors can purchase a property during a market crisis and transform them into a source of abundant profit at boom time.

The most important factor to consider when investing on a property is to be aware of the location of it. To get a capital appreciation, young and new investors must pick good choices of properties that belong to good lands or locations. Good lands or locations promise for future growth that is needed when pursuing for the property of interest. Locations that are in close distance to an array of amenities such as shops, schools, main roads and highways are the ones to focus on. The main reason is that the price for which the property is available has not been appreciated yet. Getting oneself familiar with investment, it is important not to venture into alien markets to make sure that one gets a thorough comprehension on how to go about the investment. Factors like good feng shui and friendly neighborhood should be inserted into the investment equation too.

High-rise apartments that have a strong market for expatriates are obviously a profitable investment, as the rental income can provide a high cash flow. Good bargains on property investment that sells for prices 20% lower that the market price must be checked and looked into during property bust cycle that promotes such bargains.

Loans that are being taken up for property investment must be of the highest quantum and tenure so that one can spread up the use of the capital resources to purchase other properties as well. To make sure that investors are not tangled up in a financial mess, properties to look for must be easily funded and relocated. To be successful at property investment, one should also think of long term plans that involve children education, retirement, and a steady life.

If one is serious at property investment, make sure to take the time and energy to create a personal strategic property investment plan. Create 20-year property investment strategies that consider ones age, present financial status and stage of property cycle, possible economic scenarios, effective investment approaches and also personal goals. Try not to become over-committed financially and take time to stop and think before getting too carried away.

Experienced investors know when to practice patience and wait for the return of investments during an economic crisis as they acknowledge that there are ups and downs in this industry. In due course, the hands-on experiences and the ability to learn from success and failure in the property game will make for a wiser and more successful investor.

Keep in mind that a successful property investment is a long ongoing trip. Through carefully executed efforts and practical strategic investment planning, it is possible for investors to obtain more than financial security. By having an influence on the property market cycle that corresponds to the market stage, investors will have a clear idea of when to buy or sell.

The work required for property investment and property management is becoming challenging and competitive. Without software, one can be ineffective and make mistakes easily. With software such as rental property management software and real estate development software will help a lot in reducing risk and cost.
How To Invest In Property During A Bad Economy? Property Investment In Todays Economy Property Investment Direction In A Bad Economy
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