Sitting on the dock of the bay.

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Sitting on the dock of the bay.
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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Mar 19 2012 (IPS) – James Nicholas has always made a living off the sea. A fisherman in the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, he recalls the profitable business of selling his daily catch to residents and restaurants on the island and even exporting fish to luxury hotels in neighbouring ones.
But things have changed in recent times. Local experts are blaming conditions associated with climate change, insisting that they have led to a significant depletion of the local fishing stock.

At its peak in 2010, the fishing industry here employed an estimated 4,000 people and pumped 5.2 million dollars into the economy from exports alone.

“Growing up, we had an abundance of fish around the coastal areas,” Nicholas, who now serves as chairman of the Southern Fishermen Association, one of the groups representing fisher folk here, told IPS. Now, “some of the species have disappeared entirely.”

“Recently I was counting maybe about eight species that are totally gone. I can’t say it is climate change because I am not a scientist; I just have to go along with what the scientists are saying.”

One thing is certain, though. Nicholas said his members have been catching less and less fish, a decrease that is taking a financial toll on them.

"(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay" is a song co-written by soul singer Otis Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper. It was first recorded by Otis Redding in 1967, days before his death on December 10, 1967 in a plane crash in Wisconsin that killed everyone onboard except Ben Cauley, the trumpeter in the band. It was released posthumously on Stax Records’ Volt label in 1968, becoming the first posthumous single to top the charts in the US.nIt charted at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart.

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Kempton’s Best of “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life”

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Making money in racing starting from scratch can be done but it isn’t easy. If you’re looking for easy money then racing isn’t the game to be in. The player need to do a few things and ask and answer a few questions to see if specifically you can do it. With someone else it’s a different story. When starting with $ 2 – $ 500 in racing you have to think of what wagers will give you a return on investment for such a small amount so that it can be built from.

One of the main laws in racing is: the money flows in racing by field size and card size. Each field size and card size has only so much money in it no matter what wager you’re playing. There are five in the money positions (win, place, show, fourth and fifth) and about 14 or so different wager types to choose from. The win position horse is the easiest to get. But that’s not always easy. Then place, show, fourth and fifth respectively. The lower the base price of your ticket the less horses you can put on it. So one of the ways of having higher chances of winning is to have the most horses on your ticket.

But not so many that profit becomes impossible. You must find out how much money is in each field size or card size based on the wager(s) you’ve chosen. The first thing that’s required when you have so little money to start with is to know as much as possible what you’re doing. So making money in racing starting from scratch is done in certain ways. An example: let’s say you have a maximum of $ 500 of sustain investment money (SIM) to invest with. So you decide to play the win position.

You take a statistical sample of 10,000 win position payouts and add them to get a sum. You take out thee largest very rare payouts and the smallest payouts to keep from distorting the sum. Let’s say you play an 8 field size for those races. The sum of those 10,000 payouts is $ 100,000 and the average of all those payouts is $ 10. You intend to spend no more than $ 6 per ticket which is $ 6 x 10,000 = $ 60,000. So $ 100,000 – $ 60,000 = $ 40,000 if and only if every race is won. NOT POSSIBLE. But you have only $ 500 SIM and $ 500 divided by 6 = 83.

You can play only 83 races at $ 6 each. The payout average is $ 10 times 83 which equals $ 830. After playing 83 races you get back $ 730. You get back your $ 500 meaning that $ 730 – $ 500 = $ 230 profit. If you get back $ 400 then you loss money. You look at the strength of handicapping method(s) you used, what races you had to pass or play and can you sustain yourself for 10,000 races over several months or several years. Its simple: find the difference from what you get back from what you put in over a specific time period or a specific number of races. This partially how to make money in racing starting from scratch. and has Advanced Profitcapping and Advanced Statistical Handicapping respectively. Both are statistically oriented because racing’s a statistical game. Both are full of examples and crammed full with the necessary strategies, advice, tools and proven systems and proven understanding. Aren’t you tiered of coming up short on the money side in racing? There are over 70 articles by the author on this ezine site. Learn from 17-18 years of heavy experience and basic statistic know how. Jessie R. Johnson is an experienced profitcapper and handicapper.

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Horse Racing: Making Money In Racing Starting From Scratch

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