Does Long Term Investing Work?

The stock market is has sure had its share of ups and downs over the last few years. In fact over the last few years it doesn’t seem like much has really happened. Does this mean that buy and hold is gone for good? Does it still work?

Of course long term investing is still valid. Over the long term stocks tend to go up, just because the last couple of years have been crazy does not mean that it will continue to be that way in the future. All the evidence seems to say that over the long term, stocks go up and become very profitable.

1. There Have Been Lots of Flat Times

Everyone wants to believe that if something happens in the market in the last 3 or 4 years that it predicts what will happen to the market in the next 20 years. No, there have been lots of times when the market has been trending sideways for years only to break out of it and start going up again.

Investors who have hung onto strong stocks for the long term have made money overall in the stock market in the past. And therefore are likely to do so in the future as well.

2. History Looks Good

Over the long term the major indexes such as the Dow Jones and the S&P have gone up and they continue to go up. In fact, aside from buying at the top of the great depression if you would have invested into strong stocks and held them for 20 years during any point in the past it would have been profitable. History repeats itself more often than not.

3. Dividends

If you do take a look at the long term chart of the major indexes you are still not seeing the whole story. They also paid out dividends. These dividends alone can make them better investments then other similar securities like bonds or CDs.

In the end no one can say for absolute certainty that stocks will be profitable or not in the future. The only thing we know for sure is that in the past they were. So keep that in mind when deciding whether to invest or not.

For more on the Dow Jones Industrial Average History and it’s returns or for more information on how the stock market has done over the long term visit this Stock Market Historical Graph page.
Does Long Term Investing Work?

7 Things To Consider When Investing In The Stock Market

Have you decided to invest in the stock market? Consider the following 7 pointers when making your investments.

1. Have a solid comprehension of basic economic principals.

Before you get started, you should understand basic principals and laws of economics. The stock market closely follows the law of supply and demand. For example, when there is a large demand for the stock of a certain company, the cost of its stock will increase along with the demand. However, if there are more stock available for sale than there are buyers, the unit price of that company stock will decrease.

2. Learn about prospective companies you want to invest in.

Do your homework before you invest in prospective companies. Read the company annual report and find out about their products, operations, services and basic business track record. This information gives you an idea of how stable the company is and whether they can deliver on their promise to offer profits to investors.

3. Select companies with staying power.

There are so many companies that exist in today’s stock market, selecting becomes a major decision for beginning investors. Relatively stable companies and business are owned by the government, unless there is a political revolution or crisis going on. Gasoline companies and telecommunications companies are usually profitable and stable because there is a constant demand for their services and products. While IT companies are rapidly growing in today’s stock market, there are so many of them it may be a challenge to check their profiles to exercise reasonable care before investing. Before putting your money into an IT company, verify their track record and make sure they are stable and profitable for a minimum of 10 years.

4. Keep an eye on the news.

Guesswork is completely ineffective when it comes to investing in the stock market. Good intuition and solid decision-making come from learning about global and local news both politically and economically. When you watch the news, make sure to keep track of the industry your company is in. Even stable companies may go bankrupt or have a major blow that will bring them down.

5. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Avoid investing in just one company and spread out your stock investments to several businesses. When you have stock concentrated in just one company, you have a greater chance of losing it all. When you spread out your investments over several companies, those earning profits can cushion the ones that not not as profitable.

6. Stockbrokers aren’t the final word.

A stock broker is actually gambling with your money so you need to do your own homework. Dishonest brokers can take advantage of investors who do not fully comprehend how the stock market works.

7. Greed is your enemy.

While everyone is eager to make profits in the stock market, an investor loses their sense of reason when they are fueled by greed. A money hungry investor may forget to check on economic rumors and spontaneously decide to sell or buy with the thought of making major profits and then lose it all.

Putting your money in the stock market can of course be risky, but the above tips should help point you in the right direction.

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7 Things To Consider When Investing In The Stock Market

Just Make Money or Start a Home Business with Online Games

One of the fastest phenomenon on the internet today is the absolutely explosive growth in on line skill games, especially any that manage to integrate all of the power of social networking with their games platforms.


Well who wants to send an email to their friends when they fancy a challenge much better to see them on line and say there and then – Go On – Bet I can beat you!

If you want to earn a little extra money or you want to play games full-time in order to earn a living, there are a growing number of interactive online gaming sites that allow you to bet money on your gaming abilities. Depending on how often you play these games, you can make as much as you want and bet as little as you want. For those who are tired of playing games against a computer, this type of online gaming can be a lot of fun.

Competing for Money

In order to compete for money, you will need to upload a certain amount into an account. You can have money transferred from your bank account or credit card quickly and easily. After funding your account, you can begin challenging others in many different games including online sports games, action games, and strategy games. When you win, the money is placed in your account. When you lose, the money is taken from your account.

If you are an expert gamer, you should not have to fund your own account for long with your own money. By winning multiple games, you can increase your account and transfer money out of it whenever you want.

Developing a Winning Strategy

The best way to continually beat people when playing for money is by developing a strategy. Mastering a particular game, reviewing the top scores of your competition or choosing a limit on how much you want to bet are all ways to maintain an account balance.

In the beginning, you may have to play a few games for free until you become a worthy challenger. But if you’re used to playing online casual skill games, you should be able to learn them very quickly.

Creating a Winning Team

In order to make even more money, you can create a team that shares in all the profits earned. When choosing a team, make sure it is made of those who play online games often and who aren’t afraid to meet difficult challenges. Your team is only as good as those that are on it and this will be reflected in your profits.

Once you have your team in place, make sure they understand the rules of the online gaming website. Team members should play a certain number of hours each day in order to turn a profit. The better team members become, the more opportunities your team will have to play for larger sums of money.

How much will it cost me?

A good question, and perhaps it should read ‘How much will I lose if I don’t do it now? Although many sites ask for an upfront fee to enable you to join their business opportunity, the best way normally is like this.

Join their games site for free. In most cases, you may have to upload a few dollars after a while, to prove that you are a real human, and not a machine, then you can play for free for as long as you want. This is a very good ploy, as you don’t want to wade in and get whopped by an expert who milks you of your entry fees.

See what marketing support they can give you to find other players. Do they have their own integrated Social Network? If not, you may have to set up your own network, and contact then separately but it’s much more fun if you find a site where you can play games, also see your friends on line, and challenge them, there and then.

Select sites that enable you to set yourself up as a game promoter – usually they only charge a one off fee, and you are in to all the tournaments and one to one games, with no ongoing fees for the business.

Make sure you have the ability to enter upgrade to a business associate at some point – usually the same entry fee as a Games Promoter, but you will have to pay a monthly license fee. This position is probably the most lucrative, as with any multi level marketing, the more business associates you have under you, the greater your monthly residual income is likely to be.

…and then – Have fun, play games, make money…

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Just Make Money or Start a Home Business with Online Games

Enemies Of The Profitable Trading System

Enemies of the Profitable Trading System are:

In this article you’re will study about the enemies of the profitable trading system.

Each of us has the need to succeed. Thus we utilize stock market timing in the investment. Not just to improve our returns in the both bull & bear markets, but also to continue our assets on losses.

But that same need for success will stand in way of our capability to recognize truth, if it is correct before our eyes. Many of us have a sustained existence need that usually leads to us to concentrate on superior news. The bad news is prevented or at least defer.

When you’re taking a position on the market, whether bullish or bearish, you trust will probably be profitable. Enemies of the profitable trading system can be a strong emotion, that when the same investing strategy that tells us to enter a place initially, back and told us to exit immediately, our feelings might well target on the possibility that if just take a bit longer, any loss could be erased.

Just provides it another day. Just wait till its back to break even.

The only technique to avoid this is to recognize that enemies of the profitable trading system can damage our ability to efficiently market time on stock market.

Enemies of the Profitable Trading System vs. A Strategy

Everyone knows that nobody (trader, stock market investor) is going to be correct all instance. Understanding this, we have to accept that you are about to have losses.

Trading may not achieve success without a strategy. Trading by sentiments, happenings, news, or anxiety, is not very different from gambling. Profitable market investors come first, because they stick to a plan. Without feeling & with clear buy & sell signals.

What separates the winning traders from losing traders is their capability to identifying that when a trade turns bad, there’s no feeling that can fix it. The only right judgment is not likely a decision at all. Simply follow the plan. If strategy indicates reverse, then stick with him. If the plan tells to visit money, then go to the funds.

Simple? Not if you can not accept a loss. Then Hope Springs Eternal (excuse the pun). Successful traders have their share of the losses. However they remain the less quantity of these losses. They follow their strategy and not at all hold a position, hoping it’ll turn into a winner.

Enemies of the Profitable Trading System vs. Gambling

When you go to Las Vegas, we know that the odds are stacked in the favor of the house. However we gamble anyway in the hopes that we are going to leave a winner.

But market timing isn’t gambling. Whenever you trade with the strategy you have an edge that you recognize will succeed over time, as long as you utilize discipline and stick with it. As house knows it’s going to succeed over time in Las Vegas, the trading plan gives the edge that makes us winners. It separates us from the request that the winning trades turn into losing.

However once we start to hope, we lose that edge. We turn into like the gamblers in the Las Vegas.

As well as in Vegas, the home always wins.

Enemies of the Profitable Trading System vs. Ego

Enemies of the Profitable Trading System are also closely linked to ego. We usually do not need to admit we done a error. Our ego really wants to succeed, as well as he wants immediately.

The losses do not feel very successful. Our ego can cost us a lot of money.

To make money, we have to continue with fewer losses, while exiting our positions Successful Run. Neither ego nor profitable trading system has a place in the stock market timing. Neither ego nor profitable trading system had a place in making trading decisions.

In the end

When you trade having a plan, it’s in black and white. It has no feelings attached to it & hence the signals are not influenced by emotions. A strategy doesn’t depend on enemies of the profitable trading system. A plan has no ego. A strategy provides us, as the market traders, an edge over the market.

Every day, we must think about. If you think that enemies of the profitable trading system are a part of our trading plan, keep in mind that enemies of the profitable trading system are almost a definite loss.

The only way we keep our edge over the market, is when we stick to the strategy.

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Enemies Of The Profitable Trading System

Make Money Online – The 3 Secrets

It is simply amazing how many people get online, and head over to their favorite search engine, and type in ‘make money online’, and start looking over the results. The result is always the same; they run into thousands of ‘too good to be true’ ways to make money, then splash down some cash on the best looking scheme, and before long, they are back searching for the ‘real’ make money online system.

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes, people actually do luck out and start to make money online after finding something that looked good. It’s just that most people go through a mountain of opportunities and schemes, before either giving up, or finally seeking out someone who IS making money online and living on every word their ‘guru’ speaks.

Sadly, many of the gurus have a business plan, to sell useful but incomplete solutions, with the aim to upsell more expensive stuff later, so they can continue to earn an income from their customers for years to come.

So what is a person supposed to do?

Let me share with you 3 secrets about the people who are making money online… and I don’t mean pennies per day with Google Adsense; I mean 6 and 7-figures per year, or more. Here are the 3 secrets of the online rich:

Secret 1: The folks making a killing online didn’t start off making money!

Nope…almost all of them spent time learning how others doing it, before finally hitting paydirt. Secret #1 is ‘do what works’, meaning, find someone who is making real money online, and follow their method.

Secret 2: There is NO fast easy money.

Disappointed? I hope not. It is simply amazing to see how many people are looking for ‘do nothing, get rich’ solutions online, and the thousands of scammers who are advertising crap to hook these people. You could waste many years in the world of fast easy money before you ever learned that you need to put something in to get something out.

Secret 3: You gotta know a few things to make money online

This is probably no surprise to anyone, but the counter- intuitive part of secret 3 is the fact that what you think you need to know is probably NOT what you really need to know. I mean, how to get your message in front of millions of people is useful, but it is such a tiny part of any real success system that you would most likely waste your money advertising if that was your first question. You see, most people have no clue what makes a person buy or not buy. It’s a complicated thing, and involves the persons needs and wants, hopes and fears, as well as the message they encounter, the perceptions they have, and the presentation of the message. It includes the methods of ordering, and the ability for the buyer to navigate a successful purchase.

If this seems like deep water, don’t dispair. There are many places you can go to get up to speed on what it takes to make good money online. The only trick is finding the truth.

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Make Money Online - The 3 Secrets

1031 Exchanges Outside The U.S. Territory – What You Must Know

Most real estate investors know the benefits derived from making 1031 exchanges compared to a property’s outright sale. Some of these advantages are a prorogue in your capital gains taxes, a guarantee that your money is working for you, and the fact that you can make the most out of your returns and equity. The best thing about 1031 exchanges is that it serves both the investor and the U.S. economy as it allows the former to make the best investment for their capital.

The fact that 1031 exchanges are intended to boost the U.S. economy raises the question of whether one can exchange a property for one located overseas. The short answer is no. The money you save by making a 1031 exchange rather than selling outright is considered a tax deferment, which means that although you are temporarily liberated from capital gains taxes, the U.S. government will still want to collect the money if you sell your property at some point in the future.

It is a fact that IRS often encounters difficulty in collecting taxes especially when it regards the sale of a foreign property.

The United States limits 1031 exchanges within its geographical area to allow IRS easily collect capital gains taxes in the future. You may want to know the rules that apply to U.S. territories like Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The IRS has declared in private letter rulings that a property within Virgin Islands can only meet like-kind requirements with a U.S. property if it can produce income. This is more constrictive since a normal requirement for a like-kind exchange only necessitates a property to be held for trade, business, or investment.

So if you are considering making an exchange outside of the fifty states (and Washington D.C.), make certain that your replacement property will, in fact, be considered to be like-kind to the property that you are selling. In order to be absolutely sure, you may even want to request a private letter ruling on your particular case.

Investors in the U.S. can save a lot of money by using 1031 exchange to defer all of their capital gains tax on the sale of investment property. A 1031 tax exchange is similar to an interest free loan from Uncle Sam.
1031 Exchanges Outside The U.S. Territory - What You Must Know
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