Qualities a successful Entrepreneur must have

If you think being a successful entrepreneur is impossible -think again. Many have taken the leap to create a better life for themselves and their families. Because of the downturn in the economy, downsizing (by many once stable companies), and the high cost of living many are searching for alternative income. Hence the stampede to the home based business and the world of entrepreneurship. But what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What qualities must a person have to be successful as an entrepreneur? It has been proven that successful entrepreneurs have:

The right Mindset
The right mindset is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. You must believe in yourself and your abilities to get things done. It is so amazing how we always think other people can do it but we can’t.

Remember to relax and look for help when you need it. I sure did. Understand that you are in business for you self but not by yourself. If your goal is to earn $ 1000 or $ 5,000 a week, believe it is possible. Anything some else can do you can do it to. You must believe that the good life is for you and that you deserve it. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself if success comes to you.

The Marketing Passion
Successful entrepreneurs must be open-minded and embrace changes. They are never afraid to take a risk. They are savvy and understand the need to promote their product through effective mediums. Far too many entrepreneurs underestimate how important this is to the livelihood of their business. If you don’t have prospects you don’t have customers. If you don’t have customers you are not in business.

The call word for an entrepreneur is Promote, promote, promote. Because of all the new technology available for marketing the successful entrepreneur has just everything needed to succeed. The internet is the largest marketing medium in the world and it is right at our fingertips.

The Right Mission
Successful entrepreneurs must have a reason for being successful. When the obstacles come, and they will you must have a strong “Yes” to continue on or you will say No and quit. There must be meaning and passion in what you do or the path will feel empty.

As you can see you can develop yourself into a successful entrepreneur if you have the right mindset, market yourself and product and have a mission for success. Remember “Nothing changes in your life until you do”.

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Qualities a successful Entrepreneur must have

Illawarra Profitable Business Ideas – “A Wollongong Horror Story”

Illawarra Profitable Business Ideas – “A Wollongong Horror Story”
Last week I interviewed Leigh Blackmore and was expecting to learn a lot about his editorial services. Instead, I learned all about “the darker side” of Leigh Blackmore. I suppose that with a name like Blackmore, there just had to be a darker side somewhere.
Leigh Blackmore (BCA, Writing, Hons) (born 1959) is an Australian horror writer, critic, editor, occultist, musician and he’s doing business in Illawarra. Working in large bookstores such as Angus and Robertson and Collins bookstores in Sydney since 1979, he was able to feed his lifelong love of science fiction and horror. Leigh describes himself as a writer, freelance manuscript assessor, critic, editor and occultist.
Leigh is the current President of the Australian Horror Writers Association. His work has been nominated twice for the Ditmar Award, once for fiction and once for criticism. It has been said that, “His name is now synonymous with Australian horror” and that “Leigh Blackmore is to horror what Glenn A. Baker is to rock and roll.” Now that’s pretty serious stuff and Leigh says that it is possibly all true.
Over the years, as a bookstore manager Leigh ran many events and promotions and got to know the Australian and international publishing markets inside out. He also worked in various capacities on science fiction and horror magazines in his spare time as well as playing in a number of garage and alternative bands. As an author and critic he also got to learn a lot about editing (I’m hoping that I’ve made no grammatical errors here). This background knowledge has recently manifested itself into Illawarra a profitable business idea that is allowing Leigh to continue to follow his lifelong passion.
Leigh currently resides in Wollongong, NSW where he has been a Guest Lecturer on science fiction, fantasy and horror for the University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Creative Arts. He has guested as an expert on horror literature and film on TV programs in Australia including Ray Martin’s Midday (television show), cable TV program The Graveyard Shift and Jennifer Byrne Presents and has been interviewed on Sydney’s 2SER radio in the same capacity. He became the second President of the Australian Horror Writers Association in Sept 2010. He is also a member of The Society of Editors.
Proof Perfect Editorial Services was launched by Leigh in February 2010 to assist anyone who deals with printed materials from small businesses to large organisations from Australia to around the world. Leigh will proofread, review and edit manuscripts and articles so that the finished product will be ” proof perfect”.
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Illawarra Profitable Business Ideas - "A Wollongong Horror Story"

Do You Possess The Characteristics of A True Entrepreneur? Read Below To Find Out.

In order to become successful in any endeavor, it is important for someone to possess the right characteristics. Not everyone is going to be a successful entrepreneur, but what are some characteristics which may be useful for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

First of all in order to be clear, what is an entrepreneur? According to definition, an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”. There are many characteristics which an entrepreneur should have. Although there are many more, below are few which I believe to be vital to meeting the definition above.

1. Intelligent and creative – In the course of the business day, there are going to be a certain number of problems which will have to be overcome in order to reach the goal, and an entrepreneur can always figure out a creative solution to every problem.

2. Decisive – Because everyone is inundated with information from the time they get up in the morning to the time that they go to bed, it can become very difficult to make quick decisions, yet, it is extremely important to the entrepreneur to not become bogged down by all of those minor details. He/she must be able to make quick, informed decisions.

3. Honest – I believe that this is essential, but not all entrepreneurs are honest because not all people are honest; however, it is important to be an honest businessman / woman and the willingness to meet all of the customers’ expectations to the best of his ability.

4. Risk taker – Most people play it safe and stay with their jobs because of the predictability of it. An entrepreneur needs to be able to operate with a certain level of risk if he / she is going to be successful.

5. Passion and determination – Someone has to have a determination that can only come from passion if he/she is to become successful as an entrepreneur. It is going to be that determination and passion which will help to overcome the obstacles which will inevitably get in the way of success.

Those are only a few of the important characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are many others; however, I believe that simply having just the above gives someone a good chance of succeeding at any entrepreneurial endeavor.

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Do You Possess The Characteristics of A True Entrepreneur? Read Below To Find Out.

Need Some Ideas to Start Your Business? Here’re 5 Ideas For You to Get Started

Thought of owning a business and running it well unlike all the others that seem to be going to pieces? Of course, a good business idea can be the best bet if you’re looking to earn a lot of money and that even if you have a limited budget, or time, at hand! Here are some business ideas to consider when starting out. Of course, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Remember, the more unique and imaginative you get, the better your chances of survival.

* Something that’s in vogue right now and is sure to get you noticed is wedding planning. This is similar to event management and any experience in this would surely be of help. You will need to know the latest in wedding fashions, food, décor, invites, etc. As the wedding planner, you will need to take care of everything, right from the venue, gifts, invites, to coordinating dresses, themes, etc. remember to take this up only if you are truly interested in weddings and people for you are sure to be handling a lot of both!

* Another great business idea rarely considered is a cleaning service. It could be specialized care for clothes, shoes, furnishings, or even spaces. Since cleaning is something most people like to put off till the last moment you can rest assured of business, as also huge number of appointments depending on the season! However, it will not suffice merely to be good at cleaning, be sure you are good at organizing and delivery!

* Do you love children? If yes, go right ahead and opt for a day care centre. With most parents working jobs and leading a hectic life, almost everyone with kids is asking for good crèches. With baby-sitters being expensive and irregular, parents prefer to leave kids at a centre where the kids can also meet other children. You wouldn’t need much by way of start-up capital and trust us; word about a good crèche gets around! Similarly, elder-care too is both satisfying as well as profitable.

* Another thing you can do is to offer pet services if you are good with animals. And if you happen to be the only one in your area, this could be extremely profitable. Additionally, you could also start a training service if you are truly patient. Of course, you’d need adequate space and a little bit of initial investment to start off with.

* Another extremely profitable business option is to offer coaching classes, whether for professionals or for new learners. These can be around your skills in languages, technical fields, management, etc or even interests such as cooking, baking or dance.

Whatever it is that you choose, here are a few tips to get you started and to improve your customer base:

* Offer discounts or introductory concessions to attract new customers.

* Another way to expand your customer base is by rewarding existing ones when they bring a friend to check out your services.

Be presentable and a little understated when starting out. Doing just anything to get attention can cause harm to your reputation on a longer term basis.

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Need Some Ideas to Start Your Business? Here're 5 Ideas For You to Get Started

Canadian Mortgages And Real Estate Markets “Fundamentally Different” North Of The U.S. Border

There is an acute interconnectedness between psychology and economics. Every now and then it is worth one’s while to step back and try to parse out what is merely “psychological economics” from the more “fundamental” economics of quantifiable numbers, indicators and trends. This is the position Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty took in a speech he gave to assembled analysts and reporters on May 12, 2008, stressing “fundamental” differences he sees between the state of the Canadian mortgages and real estate markets and those in the United States.

Highlighting what he called “a steady drumbeat of negative media coverage on the state of the U.S. economy,” Mr. Flaherty wasted no time in trying to distinguish the psychological angst that Canadians are likely experiencing from the continuing hiss of news coverage that tracks the continuing deflation of the speculative housing bubble and the melt-down of the U.S. sub-prime mortgages marketsoth-of-the-border. Mr. Flaherty’s position, essentially, is that continuing media coverage on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border contributes unnecessarily to a psychological concern on the part of Canadians that is not justified by the economic fundamentals of Canada’s housing and mortgages market.

I think,” Mr. Flaherty said, “this spills over into Canadian readership and influence on Canadians.” No matter the political leanings of astute observers of the Canadian political or cultural milieu, they would likely concede that the Finance Minister is correct in assessing how deeply Canadians’ psychology is affected by what it sees and hears in the media about what is going on in the States. Canadians have learned to closely study events and trends in the U.S., with both an optimistic and wary eye cast over the world’s longest undefended – for now- border at the issues that are affecting our biggest trading partner and closest political friend.

“Often when you pick up a newspaper, economic forecasts are being adjusted downwards,” Mr. Flaherty observed (as reported by Les Whittington in the Business Section of the Toronto Star). “And certainly there’s been a psychological effect of the recession in the U.S. housing sector.”

But how much of this negative psychological effect that has seemingly slowed growth in the Canadian residential real estate sector has been caused by the angst we naturally feel as we watch our American cousins struggle as they plunge into recession, and how much is caused by looking at the fundamentals of our mortgages market, of our housing market? And there’s the rub. . . .

Economics, like psychology, for all its vaunted formulae, trends and tracking methodologies, is a social science – and the collective cultural psychology of Canadians affects the Canadian mortgages and housing markets perhaps more than any other sector of the economy. Our homes are near and dear to us. This is why Mr. Flaherty was at pains to stress the more quantifiable “fundamentals” of Canada’s housing and real estate markets. In doing so, he stressed the differences that he sees as distinguishin us and our situation from them and their housing woes:

– Canada has, according to Mr. Flaherty, “the strongest economic fundamental of all of the major industrialized countries” in the G7 – with near record-low unemployment, very moderate consumer-price inflation, and balanced budgets more-or-less consistently being brought forward by federal and provincial governments alike.

– Canada has so far shown great resilience and buoyancy in the face of the collapse of the U.S. housing market brought on by the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, a Canadian dollar that is more-or-less at par with the U.S. dollar for the first time since the then-first oil shocks of the mid-1970s, and stiffer-than-ever manufacturing competition from overseas. (It helps tremendously that Canada has vast oil and gas resources that sustain our energy sector.)

– Moreover banks, financial institutions and Canadian mortgage brokers have been better able to weather what quickly became a global credit crunch in no large measure due to Canada’s more conservative, risk-adverse institutional and regulatory framework.

That’s Mr. Flaherty’s essential argument for why Canadian investors, homeowners and prospective homebuyers should maintain their continuing confidence in Canadian mortgages and real estate markets. Whether the Finance Minister’s assessment of “market fundamentals” versus “market psychology” is correct is perhaps the heart of the question as to how well Canadians will weather the choppy seas being churned up by the financial storms they see blowing on their southern border, and it is this question that compelled Mr. Flaherty’s speech to the gathered media,

As a former lawyer, I know that it rarely if ever possible to prove any truth beyond all doubt. Only time will tell, as the adage goes. But in law school, my most respected and “Paper-Chase-ish” professor noted, “You can always tell the truth, because it has the ring of truth to it.” Mr. Flaherty’s analysis of key fundamental differences between the Canadian and U.S. housing and mortgages markets rings true.

The bells that Canadians can now hear clanging are more likely those on the buoys that are rising and falling with the sea change in economic fundamentals south-of-the-border. Canadians investigating their home purchasing or home refinancing options need not unnecessarily interpret what they hear and see as alarm bells, however – although that may be Canadians’ fundamental “psychological” propensity, given the close cultural and emotional ties Canadians have to their U.S. cousins.

For information on Canadian mortgages, and your home purchasing and home refinancing options visit www.canadianmortgagesinc.ca to consult with a trusted Canadian mortgage broker who can provide you with reliable mortgage advice and the mortgage product that is right for you.
Canadian Mortgages And Real Estate Markets "Fundamentally Different" North Of The U.S. Border

Different Ideas From Where One Can Generate Profits From Home Business

The concept of starting a home based business has appealed to many people. Home based business has become another way of supplementing income. Nowadays it is not enough to have only a single source of income.

Home based business has given different people a golden chance to enhance their income or even make it their only source of income. Home based business can be done by everybody who wishes to work out from home. The craze of home based business has grown over the years.

Earlier women who could not leave their homes due to domestic responsibilities started home based businesses. This thing will help her in generating income as well as help in passing their time. There are lot of options from where one can choose the idea which is more profitable in order to set up home based business.

Before setting up a home based business you must do a basic market research. Through this ground work you will be able to know what is your positions in the market and who is your competitor. You also got an idea about your target customers who is ready to spend money for your product and service.

After deciding the business you want to start then the next and most crucial step is planning. Planning will you to chalk out various type of requirements and financial support the business will require. A profitable home based business will need your full attention and good management

Some of the home based business are medical transcriptions, selling cosmetics and toiletry products. While starting home business you should be ensure that market is not saturated .This thing will low down your chance of having a profitable business.

There are several profitable home based businesses one can start. Among them is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is done online. In this business you make a deal with a merchant or a retailer. The affiliate or the website owner agrees to market the products of the merchant or the retailer on his or her website. The merchant then pays the affiliate for marketing his products. Every time somebody clicks on the link on the website of the affiliate, thereby getting redirected to the merchant’s website.

Other example of home business such as gardening, selling of home made food products, and event management. If you have a hobby like organizing small events and you think you are good at it then you can think of event management.

There are several event management companies in the market, but these are on a bigger scale and they demand high price for their services. You can start your own event management business on a small scale that targets clients and small organizations that hold functions on a small scale.

If you are good at gardening and would like to pursue it as a business you can start right away. It may take a long time to establish yourself because you are doing it on a small scale. At first you can work for your friends and family members and organize events for them.

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Different Ideas From Where One Can Generate Profits From Home Business
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