Small Business Success

What determines whether a small business succeeds or fails? Well, we don’t have any ultimate answers-yet. Business success usually means creating a possible entity (business) that returns its investment and earns a profit. Every day, new business ventures are created. Some of these businesses will succeed, but many will fall by the wayside. Ultimately, a successful start up business person is someone who opens, manages and runs a successful start up business and can repeat the process. This is someone who has accepted the responsibility and learned how the job is done.

There are certain rules for small business success.

Find a place:

For small
businesses, it is best to find a place. A small company with limited resources can efficiently serve position
markets. Concentrate your efforts on a fairly narrow market offering. This entails sticking to what you do best, and becoming an expert in that field. Don’t struggle to be the lowest cost provider. Look for what makes your product or service unique and adds a special value for the client and charge for that value.

Good financial system:

The most basic system every business should have is a good financial system. Ask yourself how I am going to generate enough income to support myself and my family. Now, you can move on to the business budget and sales planning, so you can see how many sales you need to break even and make a profit.

Produce good quality:

The next principle is that you need to have a high quality product or service. This will be your best advertisement. Second-rate quality products usually generate poor customer satisfaction. A dissatisfied customer can be very dangerous for your business. Usually they tell on average about fourteen other people who will then be disinclined to buy your product or service based on the experience of that one disappointed person. Therefore, always aim for a top quality product or service.

Provide customer needs:

Listen and react to your customer’s needs. Customers need to feel that they are important to you ­ because they are! When you focus on your customers and gain their trust, they will not only recommend you but they will also remain loyal to you. Remember, personal recommendation and word-of-mouth is the least costly yet most effective marketing strategy for your business.

Success planning:

An entrepreneur should understand the power of planning. A good plan helps you increase your chances of succeeding and can help you define your business concepts, estimate costs, predict sales and control your risks. It tells you where you are going and how to get there. Going into
business without a plan is like driving into a foreign land without a road map.

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Small Business Success

January At The Plantation House

Some cool home business images:

January at the Plantation House

home business
Image by freestone
Yes, January 7th, here in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. You can see flowers [Camellias] on the bushes in the background, the green plants, and the ferns on the trunk and branches of the Live Oak. The ferns are called "Resurrection Ferns" because they dry up to what looks like a dead plant until it rains, then they look as they do now.
The plntation house is used by the city for the park headquarters; The plantation is about five blocks from downtown and back in about 1850 this house with its 500 acre plantation was out in the country.

A fireplace in each room, slaves did the stoking of the wood, slaves did all of the labor. "the good old days" were good only for the top 10%, I guess, much like Athens of Old, was composed of about 60% slaves. I read that Rhode Island, when it was settled, had the most slaves, maybe 40% of its people. Probably many many slaves were involved with this plantation.


Brokaw-McDougall House:
A "Gone with the Wind" kind of Classical Revival plantation home, built in 1856 with balustraded balcony, full-width veranda and Corinthian columns. The formal gardens were laid out in the 1850’s and restored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. Today, it is used as a popular conference and event site. 329 N. Meridian St., 891-3900,

One of the finest remaining antebellum homes in Tallahassee is the Brokaw-McDougall House. When first built in or around 1856, it was on the outskirts of town. Its original owner, Peres Bonney Brokaw, ran a prosperous livery stable business downtown, and also found time to serve in city government, the state legislature and in the Confederate Cavalry. His daughter married Alexander McDougall, then a recent immigrant from Scotland. Members of the Brokaw and McDougall families lived in the house until it was sold to the State of Florida in 1973. The state made the house available for conferences, receptions, meeting space and special events. It also served as the headquarters of the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board until May 1997. January 1998 the City of Tallahassee leased the house from the State of Florida for a year and began operations and management of the facility. It continues to be used as a popular conference and event site.

Architecturally, the house is an outstanding Classical Revival building with strong Italianate influences. The formal gardens were laid out in the early 1850’s prior to the construction of the main house. They were restored as a Bicentennial project of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.

Now, on January 8th, the *second* Emancipation holiday is about to be celebrated, jan. 15th: Martin Luther King day..

home business
Image by wallyg
Mother’s Restaurant opened its doors, on Restaurant Row at 401 Poydras Street, in 1938 by Simon and Mary (Mother) Landry and his large family. During and after World War II, Mother’s became a local hangout for the Marine Corps, earning the nickname TUN Tavern of New Orleans. Five of the six Landry children joined the Corp–Francis Landry became the first woman in Louisiana to be accepted. In 1986, the Jerry and John Amato bought Mother’s from the Landry’s sons Jacques and Eddie, and promptly doubled the menu adding traditional dishes like jambalaya and gumbo next to the po’boys that made Mother’s famous, like the Ferdi Special.

The Famous Ferdi Special Po-Boy consists of Mother’s Best Ham, roast beef, debris and gravy. Debris is the roast beef that falls into the gravy while baking in the oven. The sandwich is named after Mr. Ferdi, a local merchant and regular Mother’s patron, who supposedly did nothing more than ask for ham to be added to his roast beef po’boy. The Ralph special, named after Ferdi’s nephew, adds cheese.

The Po’ boy, or Po-Boy , also known as Oyster Loaves, is the generic name for the standard New Orleans sandwich. The key ingredient that differentiates po’boys from other subs is the Louisiana French bread, which differs from a traditional baguette in that it has a flaky crust with a soft, airy center. This is generally attributed to the high ambient humidity causing the yeast to be more active. Traditional versions are served hot and include seafood, roast beef, sausage or ham, but can include nearly any meat filling. A "dressed" po’ boy has lettuce, tomato and pickles; mayonnaise and onion are optional. Non-seafood po’ boys will also usually have mustard–either "hot" or "regular", with the former being a coarse grained Creole mustard and the latter being American yellow mustard.

There are many competing stories as to the origin of the po’ boy. The most widely accepted holds that that it was invented in a New Orleans restaurant owned by Clovis and Benjamin Martin, brothers and former streetcar drivers who opened a restaurant on St. Claude Avenue in the 1920s. When streetcar drivers went on strike in 1929, the brothers took up their cause and created an inexpensive sandwich of gravy and spare bits of roast beef they would serve the unemployed workers out of the rear of their restaurant. When a worker came to get one, the cry would go up in the kitchen that "here comes another poor boy!," and the name was transferred to the sandwich, eventually shortened in Louisiana dialect to "po" boy.

In his book The Art of the Sandwich, Jay Harlow suggests that the namecomes from the French pour boire or "peace offering," which stems from when men would come home after a night on the town, bringing an oyster loaf as a peace offering. Harlow’s account conlates two other stories. The French word pourboire literally means "for drink" and translates as the tip one leaves a serving person or a delivery boy. These tips could be used to buy a small sandwich, which became known as poor boys. A variation on this story is that the tips were "for the boy" rendered in a Franglais mixture as "pour le boy." The Peacemaker (La Mediatrice), an early predecessor of the po’boy, was the name for an oyster loaf–a whole loaf of French Bread, split, hollowed out, and buttered, loaded with fried oysters and garnished with lemon juice and sliced pickles. The name derives from 19th-century husbands who would come in late from a carouse with the sandwich to cushion a possible rough reception from the lady of the house.

One resturaunt in Bay St. Louis, Missippi, Trapani’s, insists that the name "po’ boy" came from a sandwich shop in New Orleans. If one was new to a bar and bought a nickel beer, then he got a free sandwich thrown in. This was sometimes called a "poor boy’s lunch."

Mother’s was featured on the Travel Channel show, Man Vs. Food (Episode 9)

home business
Image by WilliamMarlow
Check out my panoramic photography website and blog here.

Lately, I have been spending most of my time on my new photography business, where I create virtual tours of businesses for Google Places and Google Maps.

This photograph is an HDR I made from three images, near a hammock in Western Loudoun county.

January at the Palantation House

Great Newspaper Advertising

Great Newspaper Advertising

Do It Yourself Newspaper Advertising That Any Small Business Can Use To Create Highly Effective Ads
Great Newspaper Advertising

Today many businesses are turning to online advertising to replace their newspaper advertising budgets. Many source of online advertising exist from Google ads to Ezine ads. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the advertising opportunities that exist online to promote your business and products.

Great Newspaper Advertising

Cool Global Economy images

Some cool global economy images:

BC-India Global Business Forum 2013
global economy
Image by BC Gov Photos
Welcoming Reception, BC India Global Business Forum, March 11, 2013

BC-India Global Business Forum 2013
global economy
Image by BC Gov Photos
Welcoming Reception, BC India Global Business Forum, March 11, 2013

BC-India Global Business Forum 2013
global economy
Image by BC Gov Photos
Welcoming Reception, BC India Global Business Forum, March 11, 2013

Cool Global Economy images

The Perfect Business Opportunity

Are You Ready For The Perfect Business Opportunity?

Business opportunities give you everything you need to be in business and run that business while getting advice and help from the parent company. This might include things like the providing of the product to be sold, or helping the new business opportunity licensee to find the right place to open their new store.

Sometimes a budding entrepreneur doesnt want this much help from a parent company. He may have his own ideas about how he wants his store to look or how he wants to arrange it, and he wants to be in charge of making his own product. He may already have a business, but wants to add a new product that he believes will augment his business. In this case, purchasing a license is the perfect way to go.

In that case, finding a license to produce and sell a product, especially one that could tap into an 80 billion dollar industry, and one that is the type of innovative product that futurist Joel Barker talks about in his video Innovation at the Verge, would give the entrepreneur the best of all worlds.

Well, such a product exists, and it is the perfect combination of a personalized message with the natural beauty of Mother Nature. Speaking Roses has a patented process to print messages, handwriting, logos, and even photos directly onto the petals of a live, fresh flower. This process can also be done to silk flowers, and uses an embossing process to make the impressions. This product is perfect for the greeting card industry, the gift industry, and the promotional industry alike.

Celebrities and media worldwide have applauded this product, and the license in available to be purchases by entrepreneurs all over the world. Already Speaking Roses licensees are in over 30 countries around the globe, and in California, Texas, Arizona, Nebraska, Florida, and Maine in the U.S., to name a few.

Theres still plenty of room for you, and the chance to bring this product to your area is waiting. Check them out at .

Mr. Rodriguez, age 36, a true entrepreneurial soul with an innovative mind and has over 15+ years of progressive experience in developing businesses in different industries. Mr. Rodriguez possesses the skills to launch successful first-to-market items, drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and manage all aspects of daily business. He has always believed that some day he would create a concept that would change a world-wide industry. Speaking Roses, where he is acting Pres

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The Perfect Business Opportunity

Manassas, Virginia (PRWEB) February 20, 2015

New Horizon Security Services, Inc., a privately-owned security services firm headquartered in Manassas, VA, specializing in armed and unarmed security officers in the Mid-Atlantic region, operates the New Horizon Security Training Academy, which is offering security training classes to help individuals begin or advance their career in security. Security has been identified as a growth industry in numerous publications and there are many opportunities for job seekers in Virginia, D.C, and Maryland.

Security officers provide a valuable service to clients through crime prevention, first response, and customer service. Routine activities often include access control, patrols, and maintaining the security of assets and facilities. Every client has different needs, and there are openings for both unarmed and armed security officers.

New Horizon Security Training Academy offers courses at offices in Manassas, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. Course subjects include both courses required by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and courses in more advanced or specialized techniques. The DCJS-required courses must be completed in order to apply for or renew an unarmed or armed security officer registration. All students are provided with proof of completion at the conclusion of the course.

Training with the New Horizon Security Training Academy is an opportunity to receive hands-on, small class instruction with personal attention to student needs and questions. The required courses offered are as follows:

O1E Unarmed Security Officer Core Subjects: The two-day, entry level unarmed security training class that fulfills requirements for registering with DCJS. Topics include law, patrols and access control, confrontation management, use of force, and emergency response procedures.

05E Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority: One of the training courses required to register as an armed security officer with DCJS. This is an eight hour class covering the powers, policies, and procedures associated with situations that call for an arrest to be made.

75E Armed Security Officer Entry Level Firearms/Handgun: The required introduction to firearms training for officers who would like to earn their armed security officer registration. This is a 16-hour training class that covers all aspects of using and maintaining a firearm while on-duty. This course includes classroom instruction, a written examination, and a range shooting evaluation.

New Horizon Security Training Academy also regularly offers courses in other subjects relevant to the security industry, such as: First Aid, CPR, & AED training, Practical & Tactical Handcuffing, and Concealed Weapons Safety, among many others. Training classes required renew DCJS registrations are offered regularly in addition to introductory courses.

Visit the New Horizon Security Training Academy course catalog to view and register for security training in either Manassas or Richmond.

About New Horizon Security Services, Inc.

New Horizon Security specializes in providing high-quality armed and unarmed security officers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region in support of local and state government agencies, private businesses, commercial and retail properties, construction sites, residential communities, education facilities, and public service buildings. New Horizon Security also operates a certified training academy to train unarmed and armed security officers for the field. This training academy is open to the public as well. New Horizon Security is headquartered in Manassas, VA with satellite branches in Richmond, Tidewater, Newport News, Roanoke, and Danville, VA. To learn more about New Horizon Security, please visit the New Horizon Security Services, Inc. website at

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