Pathology of the U.S. Economic system: The Expenses of a Low-Wage Technique

Pathology of the U.S. Economy: The Costs of a Low-Wage System

This book demonstrates the calamitous consequences of the current US policies that follow a Haitian model of very low wage development. The author tends to make his situation by describing the decades-long unfolding of the existing crisis in the US financial system following the post-war boom. From the beginning, the boom contained the seeds of its very own destruction. As the boom disintegrated, attempts to stabilize the financial system created matters even worse. Efforts at revenue maximization reinforced the issues. For illustration, attac

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The Determinants and Consequences of Trade Restrictions in the U.S. Financial system

The Determinants and Consequences of Trade Restrictions in the U.S. Economy

United States trade policy has far reaching consequences, only some of which are regularly dealt with in economic literature. This book considers the sensible implications of trade policy on U.S. business and the world financial scene. Starting with a balanced account of the background of current U.S. trade policy, the author traces the policy shift from “cost-free” trade to a a lot more protectionist stance. Focusing on Japan and the European community, the author then examines the response of designed nati

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