On April 15, 2003, Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever told skeptical TV host Jim Chapman that Ontario was temporarily thriving only because it was offering cheap labour. The Canadian dollar was valued at 68 cents US. By the middle of the 2007 Ontario provincial election, the Canadian dollar reached parity with the US dollar. Within months, the exodus of industry from Ontario to Asia made Ontario a “have-not” province for the first time in its history. During the fall 2011 Ontario provincial election, Ontario’s Liberals promised to balance the Ontario government’s budget by 2017-2018 without making cuts to health care or education. Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives promised the same. As of February 2012, Ontario has lost 57000 jobs since the October 2011 election. Job openings are scarce. Businesses continue to close, unable to compete with the low costs of producing goods and services in places like China and India. Ontario’s high taxation, labour monopolies, and bloated public service continue to leave Ontario an unprofitable place in which to produce goods and services, yet Liberal, Progressive Conservative, and NDP parties continue to promote a government monopoly on health care, labour monopolies, tax-funded public schools and the nanny state in general. In February of 2012, the Conference Board of Canada issued a report warning that Ontario will not balance its books even by 2031 unless it raised its portion of the HST by 8-15% and/or makes major cuts to

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