Preview Europe EV Scooter and Motorcycle Report 2012 I visited EV stores in three countries recently and met with every single owner to truly know the future of Electric Scooter Rentals and Electric Motorcycle Sales. I’ve spoken to the CEOs of several of Electric Motorcycle companies and I wanted to cut away all the hype from lazy reporters, lazy media, and all the green press which doesn’t seem to really know any numbers. Let’s face 99% of startups dont reveal numbers and I have that confirmed in email from several CFOs and CEOs. Theres a reason for it, but Im not dismissive of the tech. I want it to work. I know it will work eventually, but what are the real numbers. Only by visiting the stores could I get real figures. The Scooter Maven is known for parts. Believe it or not more EV units means more part sales just different parts like brake pads, disks, levers etc… its all the same, but they could change the world. Are we ready for it? Does it make money? Do the small store owners make money yet? How will it affect America? How will it affect American store owners? These are all questions that cannot be answered by simple reprints of Google News that you see in US magazines. Dealer News, Powersports Business, Motorcyclist, Cycle News, Motorcycle Product News don’t have any investigative journalism anymore. We are at a point where print publications can merely reprint what they are given or print a press release. It takes real

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