In this module (#5 0f 11), we’ll look at two different reports we can obtain from QuickBooks. One useful report we can obtain, If we’ve set up all of our underlying systems correctly, is another account based report called Profit & Loss by Job. This report will use accounts on the left side of the page and show income and costs in columns for each job. Another style of reports that we can obtain from QuickBooks is the Job Cost & Job Profitability Report. This is a detailed job cost report for one job. It shows various job stages down the left side that come from an item list that we built and linked back into accounts. Series Overview: Useful, accurate management accounting reports are vital to running a successful business. This seminar walks through seven reports you can use to control and increase your bottom line. And how do you get those reports? We’ll help you explore and understand how the Top 10 structural components in QuickBooks are used to build your customized management accounting reports. If you have a construction business, you’ll also find insights based on our many years of specialization in your industry. In this free online training series (11 videos!), QuickBooks Training for Construction — Building profits with Accurate Job Cost Reports & Critical Management Accounting Data, you will learn how to design your QuickBooks accounting system around critical construction-industry management reporting needs.

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