Get the full original blog post here: There are many standard reports in QuickBooks which you can see by simply clicking the ‘Reports’ menu item at the top once you are in a QuickBooks company file (the video below demonstrates all of this). Depending on which edition of QuickBooks you are using there may be industry specific reports in addition to the standard reports. Which ever report you are looking at the trick is to run it and then click where it says ‘Modify Report’ so that you can go through the display tab as well as the filter tab and change the settings to customize the report and get the information you need. These two tabs are where you will want to spend most of your time learning what each thing is and how changing it may affect your reports. The Display tab has the settings for what you can see on the report. The Filters tab has the settings for how you can restrict what shows up such as only looking at checks paid to a specified name. You might also enjoy: “Which financial statement best speaks to the financial health of a business?”

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