QuickBooks Time Tracking at bit.ly youtu.be Time tracking has long been a traditional business practice utilized by business owners for keeping tabs on the number of hours their employees have spent working on their jobs. Professionals like lawyers, accountants, and other professions that bill by the hour also track their time spent on working for their clients to bill their customers or clients for their services rendered. Early time tracking practices utilized paper timesheets for recording the data entries and manually computing the recorded data to create payrolls and invoices. Developments brought on by the rise of computer technology have changed all that and business applications like QuickBooks time tracking programs have brought on convenience and automation. Designed, created, and marketed by Intuit, QuickBooks is a collection of business software that focused on the accounting and bookkeeping areas of the business. QuickBooks quickly grew in popularity in the small business sector of the industry and until today commands a majority of its market. Constant developments in the subsequent releases of the program offered new and innovative features which expanded it function and this included the eventual release of the QuickBooks time tracking function. As the QuickBooks line of applications were primarily designed and focused on accounting, the QuickBooks time tracking technology was merely regarded as an add on and was not given the same comprehensive features

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