www.reit.com There is beginning to be increased attention paid to the looming debt maturities in the commercial real estate industry. There are about 0 billion in maturities coming due per year for the next several years, according to David Twardock, president of Prudential Mortgage Capital Company. Speaking with REIT.com during The Real Estate Roundtable’s fall meeting, Twardock said a little more than half of that total is on the balance sheets of banks. He said the rest is spread fairly evenly across insurance companies, GSEs and the CMBS market. “A lot of those loans are properties that are overleveraged because of the Great Recession,” he said. “The key is the capital for deleveraging the assets.” Twardock said the listed REITs are important because they are a key component of bringing that equity to the table. As for the CMBS market, Twardock said things looked like they were on the right track a few months ago. He said there was a lot of confidence surrounding CMBS, a lot of bond buyers, but that has all changed since the summer. “There is just less confidence in CMBS right now. It is a higher cost of capital than for the other suppliers of debt capital,” he said. “It is really a matter of whether or not the bond buyers are going to be confident about the returns they are going to get. Particularly in the middle of the stack, below the AAA bonds and above the B-piece buyers, there are some fairly significant issues.” Looking specifically at the multifamily

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