Work seven days a week, eight hours a day and no overtime. That plus other abuses of the workers is what, Stephen Phillon, Associate Professor of Sociology, St. Cloud State University, describes in a report as, “modern day slavery.” The report of his study was released April 24, 2012, titled, “Dirty Business: Worker Exploitation in the Retail Janitorial Industry.” A lawsuit has been filed against Diversified Industries, the cleaning subcontractor for Kmart, Target, Best Buy and other retail establishments. This report was presented at a rally in front of one of the Kmart stores that is cleaned by Diversified. The report was released and the rally organized by CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha/the Center for Workers United in Struggle) a worker’s organization. According to the report, department stores and supermarkets contract out their janitorial work seemingly to cut costs and avoid responsibility. There is fierce competition among the janitorial companies for these contracts, with each company trying to underbid the other. Since labor is by far the largest and most costly expense in a cleaning contract, the company with the lowest labor costs tends to win the contract. ?I held two jobs because of the low wages. We work in a place filled with food and yet we can barely feed our families,? said Mario Colloly Torres who used to clean a supermarket and now works with CTUL. The report says that contractors count on the predominantly immigrant workforce not being

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