Did you know that Mexico is the #1 producer of smart phones in the world? And 82% of Mexicans over 14 have a cell phone? Or that high tech manufacturing represents almost 20% of Mexico’s GDP? And that they are the 2nd largest producers of TV’s in the world, and the largest producer of white goods? Literally one of every 3 fridges, stoves and washing machines is manufactured in Mexico! Here is another shocker — Mexico produces more automobiles than Canada or the USA. Welcome to Country Reports. Because location risk is the biggest gamble in mining, assumptions can be expensive either by being too optimistic or pessimistic. Our objective with this program is to help investors understand jurisdictional or location risk. So come with us today to Mexico where in the next 10 minutes we’ll show you that Mexico is no sleepy hollow of sombreros and burritos — it is dynamic, and it’s changing fast. And in Mexico, mining is embraced as an important source of jobs, revenue and national identity. Mining Policy: Laying the groundwork for change. In Mexico, mining is big and it is efficient. Mining policies pertaining to permitting and taxation are largely centralized—they are federal responsibilities. This has been great for investment in the mining industry. Here’s an example. SilverCrest Mines, Mexico’s newest producer, drilled its first drill hole just four years ago and is now in production. It could generate up to million in profits annually, sufficient to repay the

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