Melbourne, Florida (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

The 2014 Global Career Empowerment Summit was an empowering and enriching event. During this high-end event, resume writers, career coaches, career counselors, and recruiters, from all specialties and at all levels, convened from locations worldwide to gain insight on the best programs, tools, strategies, and processes to lead their job-seeking clients to career satisfaction and employment success.

The feedback from 2014 attendees is that CDI’s Summit program attained a record high in value with all of the added bonuses in cementing takeaways and targeting different learning styles for the highest possible ROI:

“The value of day one at this conference is well worth the price of admission. Just fantastic!” – Mindy Thomas, Thomas Career Consulting Inc.

“Please keep the Summit going forever. I cannot think of how to make this better. Thank you! The Summit has changed my life forever.” – Maureen Farmer, Word Right Career & HR Consulting

“Just one session alone will without question be transforming my life and my business – starting this week. I arrived home knowing that there is an ANSWER and a solution!” – Shelly A. Piper, The Career Doc

“What I found particularly exciting and valuable was that even though I have been operating my firm for nearly 14 years, I learned so much from my peers. It was a holistic approach, with discussions focusing on everything from technology to business development to taking care of our clients as well as taking care of ourselves. Start putting away money each week now so that when the early bird specials come out, you will be ready to pounce on the savings for the 2015 conference.” – Audrey Prenzel, Resume Resources Inc.

To share the wealth from this powerful Summit program, CDI has created a resource page which offers overview articles from each of the speaker sessions as well as 26 short videos (30 seconds to 4 minutes) from presenters and attendees. Highlights of tip videos include:

Three Fitness Steps to Fight Ageism in Getting Hired – Kerry Hannon

Adding Revenue with a Membership Site for Clients – Laura DeCarlo

Career Readiness Plan for Outplacement Consulting – Laura M. Labovich

Google Keyword Planning for SEO – Susan P. Joyce

Digging into Prospect Pain in the Discovery Session – Pat Schuler

Coaching Clients to Resiliency and the Boost for Your Business – Beth B. Kennedy

Recruiter and Employer Engagement on Facebook – Barbara Safani

Tipping Point in Attaining Career Satisfaction – John Lees

Vehicle Signage for Marketing – Audrey Prenzel

CDI is already gearing up for our 2015 Global Career Empowerment Summit. Details will be made available soon.

About CDI: Career Directors International –

CDI is a global organization that positions career and resume professionals for dynamic success as both practitioners and business owners. CDI is focused on championing the industry’s cause for credibility and visibility; fostering exceptional success in every generation of career and resume professionals; and cultivating the career superhero that exists within each one of us.

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