if you are a real estate agent your job is to help people purchase and sell houses, or other real estate, not finding the latest and greatest technology and the social spaces to use.. Doing it. It’s time to be real and be human and do business. If you want to know what the latest and greatest is, they rely upon an expert like Stefan Swanepoel. Every year he publishes Trends Report,and it is required reading for everyone in this industry. In the 2012 report Stefan has a great section on social media,read it and learn from it. His job is to tell you where you should be and what’s coming next. Everyone is talking about Pinterest (Pinterest.com), there are classes to take and webinars to watch and listen to. It’s really all kind of silly. Pinterest is so simple,the first rule is stop marketing,you are a human being in the best marketing technique is to be yourself and not annoy people with broadcasting information about your business. That’s the most important lesson any agent needs to learn about social media. You don’t need a webinar for Pinterist,you only need an account and from there it’s self-explanatory. Check it out this simple visual nature of it makes it incredibly appealing, but be careful it also highly addictive this is definitely a use the egg timer type of activity.

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