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– Robin Hood Obama –

Robin Hood Obama desires to believe about from these making much more than $250,000 and give it to these making much less. He is not only heading to make the wealthy (and upper center revenue earners) as nicely as little businesses invest much much more taxes but he is heading to make them invest sufficient to fund his “big government” programs as nicely as sufficient so he can give decrease revenue households a handout. That is a Marxist principal of prosperity redistribution practiced in communist societies and rejected by our founding fathers.

Let’s try and get our minds about this idea and see if it even tends to make perception. Obama says President Bush’s tax cuts are favoring the wealthy, so let’s see what % of revenue taxes are paid by the wealthy.

Searching at the newest IRS Revenue Tax info for 2001 by way of 2006 correct right here is what the Leading 5% of revenue earners invest as a % of all federal revenue taxes.

2001 – 53.25%

2002 – 53.eighty%

2003 – 54.36%

2004 – 57.13%

2005 – 59.67%

2006 – sixty.14%

It appears that beneath President Bush the burden of getting to pay America’s revenue taxes has been expanding on the Leading 5% of revenue earners (approximately these making $150,000 or much much more) already. Even much much more than beneath President Clinton.

So, let’s see what the bottom 50% of revenue earners (approximately these making much less than $32,000) invest as a % of all federal revenue taxes beneath the Bush Presidency.

2001 – three.97%

2002 – three.50%

2003 – three.46%

2004 – three.thirty%

2005 – three.07%

2006 – two.99%

Hmmm, it appears the much less fortunate in The united states invest very little revenue tax and even invest much less now than when President Bush at first took workplace from Bill Clinton.

Ought to we help Barack Obama’s unprecidented technique to tax the wealthy even much much more to invest for his authorities programs and redistribution their revenue to the center program? Is it correct for the wealthy to be pressured by authorities to not only invest much much more of the tax burden but to invest for authorities payments to decrease revenue earners?

I don’t believe our nation can offer with a greater tax burden at the top with out making a loss of jobs and making the failure of a quantity of, a quantity of little businesses. Apart from, I don’t believe this kind of a policy is fair. The last Democrat President, Bill Clinton, promised decrease center program taxes before he was President, then he changed his thoughts as rapidly as in workplace. Let’s not go down the route of bigger authorities and the adoption of the Marxist policy of revenue redistribution. Just say, “NO” to Robin Hood Obama and his tax technique.

Like Bill Clinton, he’s heading to figure out that he specifications everyone to invest much much more taxes in buy to fund his “big government” programs. — That is, if we have any economic program left subsequent he and the Democrat Congress start in on us.

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