This video demonstrates 18 tracks of YouTube safe, Royalty-Free, copyright clean music from “Corporate, Business, News & Technology, Vol. 1” features tracks that don’t get in the way of a corporate statement or important message, but on the other hand is not boring or pointless. The music stays in the background and doesn’t interrupt or disturb, but at the same time provides a sense of warm welcome, confidence, strength and determination. The CD contains 64 tracks (from 16 different compositions), and 96 music loops are also included. The price of the CD includes a license to use the music commercially and in public, as per our License. These tracks are available for purchase via and after buying the track from us, you may use the track, royalty-free and copyright clean, in your own YouTube videos, websites, in-public, commercial use, broadcast use, video games, and more. See for details. Our music is not “fingerprinted” by YouTube and is not in a Content ID setup, which means that, if licensed from our site, it will not cause “copyright warnings” by YouTube or removal, blocking, advertising etc. on your video. These 18 tracks can be licensed as a whole collection (“Corporate, Business, Nws & Technology, Vol. 1”), or as individual tracks. This video demonstrates the following tracks: * Comfort Pulse * Constructive * Impulse * Incoming Transmission * Leisure Class * Orbital Lights * Quietly Confident

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