Scentsy Review – Learn the truth on how to really make it with Scentsy and learn why 97% of Network Marketers fail to create that quality of life they deserve. Scentsy… Heart-Warming Wealth but Does It Make “Cents”? I substituted “cents” for “sense” (it’s not a typo)…a little play on words for people who are looking for Scentsy reviews. Let’s check out the company, products and Scentsy Success. The Two Things You Must Do You’re already doing the first thing and didn’t know it. Research. By doing your due diligence in reading about any company you’re considering partnering up with, you’re on the right path. The second thing you must do is learn how to attract customers and consultants to your team. Hang tight; we’ll cover that after learning about the company. Scentsy — Company Info Scentsy Mission Statement: “To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart; enliven the senses and inspire the soul.” Heidi and Orville Thompson found the Scentsy product line in early 2004 at a home show. They fell in love with the idea of wickless “candles” and decorative ceramic warmers which melt fragrant wax by using a 15 — 20 watt light bulb. They bought the little company and then joined the Direct Selling Association shortly after the home show. Since 2004, it has become a well recognized, respected and award winning company in several

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