Small Business Analytics An Industry Reinventing Itself http Aha moments change the course of lives. Visualize Oprah with her microphone in hand waving her hands in the air saying aha! These direction-changing moments also happen for companies. In this 4-minute clip, listen to the Aha moments that altered the future of two businesses, and helped them become industry leaders. This snippet is part of a webinar, recorded in June 2012, which focused on the reinvention of the advertising industry. RAI Stone Group serves small companies by providing financial analytics so that you can find out where you are going and decide if that is where you want to go. Visit to download our free industry report. If you have questions regarding this small business analytics video or anything else, give us a call at 715-598-4340 or visit: Our Blog Connect With and ‘Like’ Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter: Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel: Subscribe to our RSS Feed:

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