Welcome to SolarPV.TV report from Solarexpo 2012. First we focus on V Conto Energia and industry reactions to the Governmental proposal. We speak with Corrado Clini, Italian Minister of Environment, and the following industry representatives: Valerio Natalizia, President, GIFI – Italian Photovoltaic Companies Group Simone Quarantino, Components Sales Director, Solon SpA Gerardo Montanino, Head of Operations Department, GSE – Energy Service Manager Paolo Viscontini, President and CEO, Enerpoint SpA Afterwards we focus on “distributed generation” and discuss related issues with: Dario Di Santo, Director, FIRE – Italian Federation for Rational use of Energy Marco Pigni, Director, APER – Producers of Electricity from Renewable sources Association The recently introduced legislative changes, are affecting also the inverters segment and we discuss about it with: Claudia Imposimato, Technologies Transmissions and Distribution Department, RSE – Research Energy System Valerio Natalizia, President, GIFI – Italian Photovoltaic Companies Group Alberto Cerretti, Engineer, Enel Distribuzione Roberto Bolzonaro, Head of product testing and certification, TÜV Italia Last but not least, Solarexpo, one of the biggest international solar PV trade fairs give an excellent opportunity to launch and showcase new innovative products and technologies. We finish our reportage presenting some of them and we speak with: Giuseppe Cautiero, Technical Customer Service Engineer, Suntech Power Giuseppe D

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