1:00 Welcome everyone, we have an awesome interview today with Kwindla Kramer of Oblong Industries, pioneers in the field of UI. 1:45 Thank you to Hiscox for supporting the show! If you need small business insurance, go to hiscoxusa.com/smallbiz 3:15 Kwin, how are you today? Thanks for coming on. 4:00 Tell me about Oblong Industries–why did you start it? 4:15 Checking out a video featuring some of Oblong’s technology. 6:00 What’s the application for this kind of technology today? 9:00 What’s been the biggest interface leap since the mouse? 10:45 How does the depth map work? 11:45 Did the scenes in Minority Report feature functional interfaces? 13:30 Kwindla: What we care about is the multi-device computing future. 17:45 How soon before the average company has the multi-panel flat TV screens in the conference room? How much are they? 19:45 How has software changed in the past decade? 21:15 Thank you to Stamps.com! Everyone thank them @StampsCom! 24:15 Why do they say that the healthcare industry is the one that’s going to lead this change? 26:00 Does this make surgeries more accurate or does it drive the cost down or both? 27:30 What’s moved faster in the interface space than you thought it would? 30:00 Question from the chat: What should be patentable in gestures? 32:00 Should you only be able to hold a patent if you’re actively using the technology? 34:00 How long has Oblong been around? Are you funded? 35:00 What was it like working at the Media Lab? 36:45 What was

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