1:00-3:45 Welcome everyone, we have a News Panel today with Marshall Kirkpatrick and Jason Nazar. 3:45-6:45 We’re very happy to have Trada rejoining us today on the program! Everyone show them that you’re happy to have them back by thanking @Trada! 6:45-8:30 Google Glass was officially announced as a project on Wednesday. What would be some of the big value adds to having Google integrated with what you do everyday? 8:30-9:15 Jason, would you wear these? 9:15-12:15 Is this Google’s iPad moment or is it their Newton moment? 12:15-14:30 Jason: I predict 20 or 30 years from now that only old people will remember that Google started in search. 14:30-15:00 The people who have more money have iPads, the people who have less money don’t. 15:00-17:45 Marshall, should they be focusing on kooky products or working to preserve shareholder dividends? 17:45- On Thursday, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, a part of which will ease the regulatory burden on companies seeking to make an IPO. Will this stimulate IPOs? What is the most significant policy change here? 20:15-21:15 Jason N.: What this helps is the small business owners wanting to startup, mom and pop stores and people not looking for a liquidity event. 21:15-24:00 Marshall: From what I have read amongst crowd-funding specialists is that there’s actually a lot of disappointment. 24:00-25:30 Jason N., would you invest in crowdfunding sites? Do you think they’re going to do well? 25:30-26:45 Will this have a material

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