Two-speed global economy, recession, recovery or divergence?
What China does or doesn't do will determine what happens in the global economy in months ahead, Citi bank analysts say. AP. Rose Powell. Share on twitter · Share on Google Plus. by Rose Powell. What happens in a world where the two biggest …
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Global Economy Unraveling as Mess Spreads From China
Given China's economic malignancy, the state of Asian trade and thus the Asian portion of the global economy has been thrown further into turmoil. In that sense, the “dollar” once more acts as catalyst and signal for the crosscurrents of finance and …
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China leading world towards global economic recession, warns Citi
China will not start currency war, insists premier. Mr Buiter said that China's policy response had been “underwhelming”. It is “not a command economy … [but] like most real-world economies today, its is a messy market economy of the crony-capitalist …

Two-speed <b>global economy</b>, recession, recovery or divergence?