Team Building — Now today, we are going to be talking about teambuilding in the new paradigm. As you might have guessed, I do not recommend TPS reports, bosses and a harsh working environment where people are held accountable through FEAR structures. There really has been a shift occurring for the last ten, fifteen, twenty years and it is what allows the top companies that are pushing the envelope to be REALLY successful. In the new paradigm of business, the old structure of bosses, hierarchy and authority is losing power. The reason this is occurring is because people are waking up to their own potential. People no longer want to be treated like robots. They don’t want to be cogs in a wheel. They don’t want to be in a cubicle. All these people are in cubicles and you are this team of cubicle people and you answer to this boss. That boss answers to this boss. This boss answers to this boss and everybody is worried about working hard enough to not get fired… That structure of company is no longer going to be pushing the leading edge. In order to be a company that is succeeding on this day and age, you have to be constantly, not only progressing but taking quantum leaps. You need to constantly REINVENT your industry, coming out with things that are unlike anything that has ever been seen before. That happens from a place of creativity and of PEAK potential. When you have this non-dynamic structure of fear-based employers and employees, nobody is going

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