Abbottabad, Pakistan- Must watch HCP’s exclusive report from COMSATS campus Abbottabad. Read more about this special EVENT called TECHNOMOOT 2012 a platform to the business students to interact & mingle within their community. It also compromises of five different activities simultaneously organized to benefit students, learners and practitioners alike. Note- Do watch the last part of this video in which students will talk about Pakistani DRONE project that students are working on . We got a TALENT in Pakistan they can beat any nation….Just need some guidance & recognition. Pakistan IT industry is growing on a very fast rate. The IT experts have grown considerably and so has the number of internal projects. But one thing that is still lacking is the strong professional work force & connected platform to develop these professionals. With keeping that challenge in mind HCP will play its part to partnership with all the local and national institutions to promote these IT activities and will encourage people thru its on line web portal and social media channels to get more involved and play their part part respectively for betterment of Pakistan and specially Hazara division. For more details about the IT activities visit us on or call us at +92 333 5999575. HCP IS GROWING VOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN AND ESPECIALLY HAZARA WHO DO NOT FIND ENOUGH EXPRESSION. THE GROUP WAS ORIGINATED IN 2010 BY FOUNDER & CEO UMAR FAROOQ, TO GIVE A NEW CONNECTED PLATFORM

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