This special editional includes the Weekly Review from today 8.31,2012 and my 2012- 2013 forecast from Sunday 8.26.2012 published as part of “Chart This” for Kitco News For a FREE trial go to: There are a number of observations that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made today at the conclusion of the Jackson Hole “summit” that clearly affected gold’s price today in New York. The first noteworthy statement was: “I’ll talk about the implications for the Federal Reserve’s ongoing efforts to promote a return to maximum employment in a context of price stability. “The use of the word “ongoing” tells us that there is more intervention on the way. Consensus seems to be split as to whether, if and how much. The FOMC meeting of September 12 and 13 will be the first formal opportunity for the Fed to act. Bernanke also said the Fed, in facing this world crisis, is “learning by doing.” This seems to imply that the learning is not done with, and the doing is still on the table. He also warned about the “deflationary trap” that became all too familiar in the Japanese economy in the last two decades and crippled the world during the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s. The central bank’s directors seem to be happy with the current 2% inflation rate in the US, which should be read as a positive for more stimulus or bond extension. More inflation would, of course, be better for gold, but inflation versus deflation is a main concern. He also said: “Stresses

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