You will know that you are in an American car dealership if you see a car sticker that says 40 ‘mpg’. If you notice a car that says 4.8 L/100km, welcome to Canada, folks. Although these two nations are close to each other, they have different ways of signifying fuel economy; but what’s the reason for this?

This was the problem of a reader of a daily who delivered copies of a Ford Focus advertisement to the daily. The Canadian ad says the Focus only consumes below five liters of gasoline to travel the distance between Vancouver and Victoria. The American ad, on the other hand, says the same Focus, when converted to fuel consumption figures, consumes nearly six liters of gasoline to cover the same length. If you find this quite confusing, you are not alone.

Auto manufacturers take fuel economy seriously since gas prices these days are anything but music for their ears. They like to provide buyers the most correct amount possible from their tests and analysis. If the same automobile from both an American and a Canadian car lot speaks a different tongue, then who is being truthful?

The reason for the difference is the fact that both the U.S. and Canada have unique means of reporting the test outcomes. Canada still depends on the old approach to putting cars on city and highway driving situations. However, with the U.S. already using a more detailed way of getting a more exact figure, Canada may shortly follow suit.

The Canadian government may eventually make use of the improved technique employed by the U.S. to give vehicles a more correct reading on gas mileage. It may imply that a vehicle may be a liter less capable than before, but at least the customer is not being blinded. A more precise fuel economy reading of cars provided by car dealers in St Catharines will certainly be beneficial. No more scratching of heads, to say the least.

Purchasers in St Catharines, as well as in other parts of Canada, take fuel economy seriously. They would like to know the cars that will help them save money and the problems of frequent refilling at the gas station. St Catharines car dealerships may begin supplying more accurate ratings sometime soon. has a copy of the said report, which you may visit for more details. For car dealerships St Catharines has to offer, even if it means a liter less capable now, they really want their purchasers to be informed—sparing no detail.

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