Hey Homie, Ewan Robb here. I’m the guy who wrote the tinderbox report. It’s a collection of experiences from my time in the Home Business industry. It’s probably the most controversial and influential document ever to hit the home business industry. See, I’m sick of all the gooroo’s and their fraudulant ways. So I wrote the report to both WARN YOU… …and offer you a solution. The Tinderbox Report is quickly paving the way for a new wave of entrepreneurs brave enough to walk away from the crowd. Love it or hate it, you will be on the edge of your seat as you read through some of the disgusting on goings within the industry… The lid is lifted on the ‘How to’ info product sham, Why recruiting is killing your business, 3 reasons to stay away from marketing systems How to get massive PPC traffic back,and much, much more babeee. You’re not gonna want to miss this! Grab your copy by clicking the link below as a free bonus you get the infamous ‘Internet Marketing Survival Guide’ by Jim Yaghi. It’s genius. That’s all from me, go get your copy, enjoy it and let us know what you think

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