The goldfish is fine, but our economy isn’t. Are you Sick yet? In essence, stimulus has been just like throwing a bucket of water on a fish and expecting him to swim on land. • 1.1 million jobs have been lost since the stimulus was enacted. Total cost of .172 trillion. That’s more than million in stimulus for every job lost in America since it was enacted. • In 2007, the US ranked 3rd. on the World Bank’s “Doing Business” report. On the “Doing Business 2012” report, US ranks 13th in ease of starting a business in the world. • The home-ownership rate is the lowest since 1965. Foreclosures are at a post-Depression high. Home values are worth about 1/3 less than they were five years ago. We want Solutions, not more Stimulus coming from Washington DC We the people are Sick of Stimulus!

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