Beautiful, talent, famous and rich are not enough to describe Hollywood celebrities who are drawing attention of the whole world. In the other side out of music stages and film set, the following Hollywood celebrities are also successful entrepreneurs.


Chris Noth

The American actor, stars of famous movies and Golden Globe Award nominee, Chris Noth began his business with partner Steve Walter at “The Cutting Room” in 1999. This place including a music venue, a nightclub and a restaurant in Lower Manhattan instantly became the most popular hangout for Hollywood celebrities. Chris Noth also co-founded the New York semi-private nightclub named The Plumm in 2006. Otherwise, the actor and his finance have a tea-party themed restaurant, Once Upon a Tea Cup, in Windsor and London, Ontario.

Chris Noth


Phoebe Cates

Gaining wide recognition from the film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, Phoebe Cates has an eclectic boutique in New York City’s Upper East Side and catch-all gift shop


Clint Eastwood

The Academy Award winning director was a mayor of Carmel California for one term, owner of the production company named Malpaso Productions and two 18-hole golf courses in California


Sandra Bullock

Among the highest paid actress and most-beloved celebrities in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock owns the Bess Bistro restaurant and a bakery


Paul Newman

The Academy Award winner is owner of a food company which devotes all post-tax proceeds to charity. Since the opening in 1982, the company has supported more than $ 300 million


Gwen Stefani

The musician and fashion designer Gwen Stefani has launched the Asian-inspired high-end women’s clothing line in 2004 and stays involved in the production of her line


Kate Walsh

The beauty product company called Boyfriend LLC belongs to Kate Walsh which makes its debut on the Home Shopping Network in November 2010


Robert De Niro

Upscale sushi restaurant stretching in 24 locations everywhere from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Cape Town and a ritzy Italian café in Los Angeles belongs to Robert De Niro 


Chris Noth: One of Top Eight Successful Celebrity Entrepreneurs


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