Trademark Counterfeiting, Item Piracy, and the Billion Dollar Threat to the U.S. Economy

Trademark Counterfeiting, Product Piracy, and the Billion Dollar Threat to the U.S. Economy

Known as the business crime wave of the 21st century, trademark counterfeiting and item piracy are throughout the world in scope and cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars each and every year. Substantial technology and the globalization of enterprise have produced it feasible to counterfeit and pirate a seemingly limitless quantity of products, from t-shirts, designer jeans, films and books to automobile and airplane parts, and prescription drugs. The 1995-1996 trade dispute among the U.S. and China exhibits how serious the issue

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U.S. Economy (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints)

U.S. Economy (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints)

This series is inspired by the extremely acclaimed Opposing Viewpoints series, which explores important problems, placing expert opinions from a broad range of sources in a exclusive pro/con format. Like its predecessor, Introducing Concerns with Opposing Viewpoints promotes problem awareness as effectively as vital thinking. Even a lot more consumer-friendly and accessible than its parent series, it provides a wealth of information at a reduced reading degree, in a brilliant, engaging package. This attractive mixture assists mo

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