Booking packaged travel, (all inclusive vacations) is easy… The Kelowna International Airport was host to a travel event on October 29. We were there to gauge the travelers. Mostly older people were milling about gathering information from travel agencies, air lines and tourism boards. I wasn’t expecting younger people, or more precisely anyone who is computer literate . Google says two-thirds of businesses now plan their travel using search engines, with smart phone bookings rising 69% just in 2010. He added that 69% of businesses (compared to 63% of consumers) plan travel by searching the internet, visiting an average of 22 sites before deciding on a destination. Online search engines continue to dominate the travel industry with two out of three leisure travellers (66%) and 59% of business travellers using them to research travel, according to a Travelport report . Google recently reported that 64% of leisure travellers and 65% of business travellers use search engines to begin their travel planning, exemplifying just how key search marketing is. (tnooz – talking travel tech, September 2010) The world of travel planning and booking has changed with the internet, we research destinations extensively along with consumer generated reviews which I trust more than commercial marketing. We find booking tickets, including packaged vacations a ‘no-brainier’ and easy. We have favorite sites that we use for comparison shopping just as I wouldn’t buy something in the first

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