TO EXPERIENCE A TRUE HD CLICK ON THE LINK WATCH IN HD AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE VIDEO Battery backup sump pumps is our core business – from flood prevention systems, to individual components, our pumps are the most reliable, long life, submersible pump system on the market, from our pitless grid drainage system, to our battery back up submersible pumps, all Trusty Warns pumps are made and tested in the USA, using the very highest quality stainless steel and fabrication methods and materials available, insuring flood prevention at the highest standard. Every corrosion resistant piece is designed and fine tune engineered for maximum performance and extremely reliable operation. In fact, our battery backup pump systems often replace inferior systems that did not protect when needed. Take a closer look at what makes Trusty Warns battery backup pump systems superior. Perfect flood prevention solutions for Architects and custom home installations where protecting the investment is highest initiative and only the best will do. The city electrical grid can be off but our pumps are still pumping. We even supply Solar powered equipment for complete independency. Our battery backup pump systems are rated heavy duty and built for withstanding harsh pit conditions, malfunctions, heavy water intake and most of all the test of time. Trusty Warns founder, Karl Niedermeyer pioneered the industry by inventing the first battery powered sump pump over 58 years ago. Since

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