“Minimum value the province,” Electrical is the Bluff?

Customers questioned Gome Advertisement Bluff, the business sector that will be a thorough investigation on suspicion of publishing illegal advertisements

Newspaper News of Haikou on Nov. 30 (Xinhua) “We are far more than three factors to line up at midnight, can open the door at 8 o’clock, not only did not get the worth of 200 shopping card, and many claim to be ‘ the province the lowest ‘of the special electrical appliances marketed out of a door mentioned, Gome is not in our customer it! “on November 28 afternoon, the sea reached the newspaper public hotline Lin, reflecting his new South Gome shop buying expertise.

Night line up Want to acquire a “lowest cost” Electric unsuccessful

Lin, said a couple of days ago, he saw the ad on the new South China, Gome shops will open on November 28 the news.

“Normally a discount shop opened, just to add a couple of home

House Appliances , So I pay out cautious consideration to Gome’s promotions. “Mr. Lin mentioned the ad reads:” Gome’s new shop opened in South China the day prior to the 500 customers to be ready to acquire 200 purchasing card. “

Directed at Gome “never ever let, do not make a point, the province’s lowest cost!” Publicity promotion, 28 at three pm, Mr. Lin came to be buddies with Mr. Wang, Gome shops in South China via the night the new line up. Lin said the eight am, and Gome merchants in South China opened a new camp in the retailer queue in front of 300 individuals, according to marketing, said the “top rated 500 buying card can get”, then they have surely had to get the buying card.

“We have been ranked about 80 or so locations, workers can only country the United States produced a 5-60 purchasing card, it came in behind us stated activity has ended, you go back.” Mr. Lin said that the mindset of the staff Gome make them feel angry, but what occurred behind the two Gengrang customers locate difficult to accept.

“Advertisements clearly read a brand-title element 299

Cooker And Electrical stress cooker Packages, shops opened the door, I searched the mall, also failed to locate. “Mr. Wang said that he was also indicated on Chinese and marketing

Air conditioning Can he find a new South China, Gome retailers all above the air-conditioning sales location, also failed to see that the two restricted revenue, the price is only 699 yuan and 999 yuan of unique air-conditioning.

Us to line up at three o’clock, that is, the U.S. propaganda directed at the nation ‘across the province the lowest’ discounts. Who can believe of, it just opens the door said all sold out specific offers, GOME is not in our client it! “Mr Wang stated the” buying “encounter created him feel quite disappointed.

Business sector Ad disable the “minimal” absolute terms

30 morning, Mr. Lin and Mr. Wang’s knowledge for the reporter interviewed GOME Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Hainan Branch Manager Wu Qingping market place. “28 On the morning of New South Gome store opened, we genuinely release the 500 shopping card, there is no forest, the king two situations reflect the consumer.

For buyers Complaints The mall had just opened the door, particular provides, the situation will seem for disappeared, Wu Qingping, mentioned the restricted amount of special appliances, but it does give a accurate buyer purchased. Buyer Nenggen they want direct contact, shopping will take care of consumer complaints.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed on the subject of Company and Sector Bureau, Haikou Branch Wangke Chang. Wang Kechang that company because the advertisement published in the special goods, it must be reflected in actual sales, as Lin and Wang the two the client is the situation, might 12

315 Complaints from organization managers involved in the investigation, by examining the mall sales invoices and other techniques to verify the predicament.

Addition, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau of the charge also told reporters that the “PRC Marketing Law” states: ads may possibly not use the “highest, greatest, lowest,” and other misleading absolute terms. For that reason, Gome in advertisements that “the lowest the province,” there is suspicion of misleading the shoppers, had been arrested for publishing illegal advertisements, the organization sector will be strictly investigated this behavior.

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