Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Today, BIPAC—the Business-Industry Political Action Committee— has announced that seasoned government affairs professional Marc A. Rodriguez, the chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has joined its Board of Directors, and the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to offer education and online advocacy solutions to employers and employees of the $ 465 billion U.S. Hispanic entrepreneurship community.

“BIPAC is more than a PAC. We may have been founded as the first pro-business PAC in the country in 1963, but today our Prosperity Project (P2®) is the largest grassroots business network in the country and its tools and strategy power the advocacy platforms of over 70 partners and 7,000 companies across the U.S.,” said Gregory S. Casey, president and chief executive officer of BIPAC. “By extending the grassroots network into USHCC’s 200 local chambers and the 3.2 million Hispanic owned American businesses that they represent – the voice of a unified business community becomes that much stronger across the political spectrum.”

“Our Hispanic businesses are, first and foremost, American businesses. Every tax bill we pay, every job we create, every product we manufacture and every service we provide goes to benefit the American economy. And while we happen to advocate on behalf of businessmen and businesswoman who happen to be Hispanic, we never forget that we are, first and foremost, American businesses. I am honored to join BIPAC’s board and to encourage our members to become more active in the political process through employer-to-employee education and advocacy with the goal in mind of creating an educated electorate,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and USHCC President and CEO Javier Palomarez spoke about the partnership at the BIPAC Board of Directors meeting in Washington, DC, on June 12.

Both BIPAC and the USHCC are non-partisan, mission driven, membership supported organizations.


The Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) was founded in 1963 as “an independent, bipartisan group,” to serve as a political action arm for American business and industry. BIPAC provides its members with the tools and strategies they need to keep their employees abreast of the key policy decisions impacting their livelihood, and opportunities to get involved in the public policy process. BIPAC helps state business organizations impact political outcomes beyond the beltway, through the nation’s largest employee-focused grassroots network in the states. BIPAC provides meaningful political analysis to keep members informed, crafts forward thinking election strategies, and deploys cutting-edge PAC and grassroots tools and technology to power the business community’s engines of advocacy. Learn more at: http://www.bipac.org.

About the USHCC

Founded in 1979, the USHCC actively promotes the economic growth and development of our nation’s entrepreneurs. The USHCC advocates on behalf of nearly 3.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses, that together contribute in excess of $ 468 billion to the America n economy, each year. As the leading organization of its kind, the USHCC serves as an umbrella to more than 200 local chambers and business associations across the nation, and partners with more than 220 major corporations. Learn more at: http://www.ushcc.com.


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