Twitter uses short updates (tweets) to help you connect with potential customers, service existing customers, get feedback, promote your latest blog post or article, and share media stories. Our recorded webinar will show you how to get results from your business’s Twitter profile, including how to make the most of the 140 character limit. Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar? Use the menu at the beginning of the video to jump straight to a section. Introduction and overview: 00:06 What is Twitter and Twitter statistics: 02:18 Getting started with Twitter: 10:09 Establishing your Twitter base: 26:00 Posting to Twitter – how, what and when: 40:58 Social media marketing tools: 52:04 Promoting your Twitter profile: 57:02 Questions: 59:36 Download the workbook here Register for more of our free webinars here Note that this is a recording of a webinar from 12 March 2012. Some features of the social networking sites may have been changed since this recording. Connect with us:

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