"How to Get ?Push Button? Lists That Grow On Their Own Using YouTube and Other Video Sharing Sites!"

"Use This DEAD SIMPLE Template and Method to Build Your Own Auto-Growing List That Will Pay You 24/7 As It EXPLODES!"

Dear savvy Warrior,

Are you sick and tired of hearing people say ?the money is in the list?? Well it’s one of the most repeated phrases of all time and it’s completely true. A list is freedom, security and a long term asset. That being said if you aren’t capitalizing with building a mailing list AND getting paid while it grows–you’re missing out, big time.

What I’m about to let you in on is a dead simple technique for building a huge list that will grow on auto-pilot and make you cold, hard cash while it exponentially catches fire. This method harnesses the power of YouTube and video marketing to create a huge list that grows on auto-pilot and pays you to do nothing but kick back.

492 Leads Generated in 7 Days with 10 Minutes of Work and $300 In Affiliate Commissions!

In plain english: you’re about to get instant access to the exact same, STUPID basic and simple landing page I use to generate GIANT lists on YouTube that I’m able to sell to over and over again for easy $100, $200 and $300 days. You’ll receive a report outlining how to modify the template quickly and easily then you simply need to upload and begin using it.

You’ll also receive the method I use to boost clicks from my videos to the landing page which can INSTANTLY double your click thrus and traffic. This "trick" is worth the price of this WSO alone, no contest!

I’ve personally used this method to generate automatic traffic and income to my affiliate accounts and personal products. This WSO is for anyone who wants an auto-pilot growing list that will earn money as it gets larger and larger. I’ll be honest: the landing page itself is basic but that’s why it works so incredibly well! The same week I implemented this landing page technique I had a list of almost 500 people.

Best of all? This method can be applied to any video you have in any niche on any video sharing site. It’s incredibly flexible and will allow you to keep building a gigantic list with very little effort, WHILE you collect cash in the process from your hungry leads.

Why Wait Any Longer to Bank with YouTube? These Landing Pages Make It As Easy As Possible!

Are you ready to try out the Video List Extractor so you can begin pulling cash straight from video sites? Now’s the time to get started since you’re reading this while the price is still low–meaning get in ASAP if you’re serious about making some great passive income.

What You’ll Get!

.PDF White Paper of "Video List Extractor"

Customizable Video Extractor Landing Page


Warriors and subscribers are getting the exclusive price on this report download plus a fantastic bonus…

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BONUSES: When you pick up this report on how to build an auto-growing mailing list with YouTube and video traffic, you’ll be picking up some KILLER bonuses too that are more than worth the value of this WSO alone.

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