Part 2 of a Special Report from TruNews on May 8, 2012. In first part Doug Hagmann explains his information he received about Civil War and Economic Collapse coming in this country. In second part of this video. Rick Wiles almost gives out a “Red Alert” on last night’s radio show, because Rick thinks we only have three months to prepare for what is coming! Check below for information on Wednesday Night’s Show on the Hagmann & Hagmann Radio Show. Thank you. TruNews Listen Page: Home Page: Hagmann & Hagmann Radio Show: Show Information: May 9, 2012 Radio Show – Special Guests are Steve Quayle and Greg Evenson The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is broadcast live Monday-Friday, 10:00 pm to midnight ET. Doug Hagmann’s Website: (Please bookmark this Link for future updates on the latest news.

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