www.e-com.com Hi, I’m Jack Shaw. The good people at DynaSis have asked me to put together this series of brief videos discussing Cloud Computing and its implications for small businesses. This video explains what Cloud Computing is. Others in this series discuss the benefits of Cloud Computing, address concerns you may have about Cloud Computing, and describe the ITility Cloud Solution which DynaSis offers to help your business gain the full advantages of Cloud Computing. So let’s talk about Cloud Computing. Simply put, Cloud Computing is the ability to access data, software applications, storage, communications capabilities, and computer processing power from a “Cloud” of online resources. The idea of calling remotely located resources a “cloud” goes back to the early days of the Internet and, even before that, to the public telephone network. Engineers would draw a picture of a cumulus cloud to represent a network whose complexity was far more than needed to be diagrammed in detail. Somewhere out there in the cloud were all the resources needed. In concept this is really nothing new. As far back as the 1960’s, there were solution providers called “Service Bureaus.” Mainframe computers, the only ones that existed at the time, cost millions of dollars. Service bureaus allowed small businesses to share the costs of computing by letting those companies submit their data or run their programs on the service bureaus’ computers. The media may have been punched cards and

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